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Buildeft2d - Cross Platform Level Editor for 2D games

Simple, easy to use 2D level creator. Customize file output with a symbol editor for easily conforming to your projects needs. Features: Multi-Layer editing Easy point and click Tile Placement Tools for editing (Bucket, Pencil, Eraser, Rect, Stamp)

Peggle-edit - A level editor for Peggle

Latest News:3 July 2011Version 0.4.3 (Buzzard) has been released. Download it now and uses the issues page to report any bugs or request any features. Alternatively you can contact IntelOrca. See GettingStarted for instructions and further help. 14 June 2011There is a big change between version 0.3 (Albatross) and 0.4 (Buzzard) with many changes including an IDE feel to the editor and nearly incorporates all the features used in the original levels by PopCap including emitters. A public release

Xnamapeditor - XNA Map Editor

A XNA map editor for 2D maps based on arbitrary placement.

Mw2levelhack - Modern Warfare 2 Level Hack

Modern Warfare 2 Level Hack that Instantly give you level 70 Also in Prestige gives 70 but not a Prestige 10!

Audiotools - Audio Tools, Signal generator, Oscilloscope

Audio ToolsAudio tools for testing audio equipment in conjunction with a PC. Windows and Mac versions have been released. Display shows frequency and relative level. Absolute level is not possible because of all the variables in the sound system. Audio Signal Generator Frequency range 10Hz - 25KHz Level range -6.0dB - -80dB UsingThe frequency knob responds to mouse dragging. It is possible to twirl it using the mouse. The fine frequency and level sliders allow for fine adjustments of frequency a

Arduino-pid-library - A library allowing easy (easier?) implementation of PID Controllers in Arduino

AS PER THE REQUEST OF THE ARDUINO TEAM, THE ARDUINO PID LIBRARY HAS BEEN MOVED TO GIT-HUB ( https://github.com/br3ttb/Arduino-PID-Library ) THESE FILES HAVE BEEN LEFT HERE FOR REFERENCE PURPOSES ONLY, AND ARE NOT TO BE CONSIDERED USABLE PID Controllers are found everywhere in industry, controlling all sorts of things: Temperature, Level, and Flow, among others. The reason they're so prevalent is because they're simple and effective. There has been a Barebones PID algorithm available for the Ardu

2dmapeditor - A 2D game map editor.

A 2D game map editor focused on placing shapes that can be defined by users. Also will come with a large texture file to help level design. The project is being written in C++ and Qt 4.3

Terminationcall - A common tile based map editor

TerminationCall was primary the name for a computer game. After some changes in the planning it has been transformed into the Codename for a common tile based map Editor. The destination is to develop a new generation and open source Tool, that makes it possible to create maps for each kind of custom 2D games in a very easy and fast way. The map editor takes and will take a lot of tasks like following features: - autoborder - smoothly passages between tiles - automatic placing of objects - A ver