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World-gen - On-the-fly random terrain and city generator

W.O.R.L.D. GenerationWORLD is an acronym for Worlds Of Ridiculous Levels of Detail. Actually, we started with the acronym and worked the meaning out backwards. We wanted to be able to say, "When I created the W.O.R.L.D. ..." This project was inspired by Pixel City, the procedurally generated nighttime city. Our goal is to create something much more flexible (day-time scene) and scalable (ideally a paging system that can create/recreate each page at multiple levels of detail as needed). Right now

Worldgen - WorldGen: a program to generate and simulate an entire world.

WorldGen is a program that, as the name suggests, generates a whole world. It provides output in the form of maps, defining each layer of data. In the future, it is planned to become much more extensive, realistic, and especially user-friendly. (The first posted release is actually just the first release that can be used without directly modifying the code.) The current modules of WorldGen that exist are as follows: Terrain Techtonics (not implemented) Oceans Water runoff (not implemented) Tempe

Svnclg - SVN ChangeLog Generator

Little command-line tool for generating a changelog from a Subversion log. type <location>\\SvnClg.exe help for more information. This tool uses the StringTemplate Template Engine, so the output can easily be customized. The used template is located in the Templates folder (Templates\\ChangeLog.st). For more information about StringTemplate and how to use it please visit http://www.stringtemplate.org Version 0.2.1General Usage: Note: SVN log entries that should be ignored when generating the Cha

Tweetusmerula - Tweetus Merula - Twitter has the words, Merula creates the song

Tweetus Merula is a web application (currently hosted on the google app engine) that parses tweets about a given subject and tries to turn them into song lyrics.

Typeddatasetgenerator - The Microsoft.NET Typed DataSet Generator

This solution provides code generator for typed datasets

Wr-creator - Web Refinery&#39;s Creator: A dynamic structured file generator

Web Refinery's Creator is a dynamic structured file generator writen in PHP based on the gagawa project by HP <http://code.google.com/p/gagawa/> The first release should come in the next week with support for general XML support followed closely by releases for HTML 4.01(Strict and Transitional) and HTML 5. Formats Supported:General XML Future Support:HTML CSS INI

Celts-labyrinthus - генератор кельт�ких лабиринтов

WPF приложение, генерирующее по заданным шаблонам и на�тройкам изображени� лабиринты в кельт�ком �тиле

Cf-password-generator - A tool for generating complex and secure passwords

This project was created and is maintained by Lawrence & Schiller. Learn more about L&S Open Source projects. Read our cf-password-generator blog post. cf-password-generator is a tool for generating complex and secure passwords powered by ColdFusion. The user is presented with a simple form. You give it the domain name of the site you're generating a password for, and it gives you back an MD5 hash for a password. The tool uses a sanitized version of the domain name along with a salt set in the s

Cfcblaster - ColdFusion bean generator

UPDATES: 4/18/2007: Created a new branch for the project to support using mySql. You can find it in the branches directory called cfcBlaster_mySql. 4/15/2007: I added a few new templates to let you create some different types of files. You can now generate list, detail and action cf pages from you db files. All this does is pump out a bunch of cf pages that let you manipulate your db. There are no business rules in there or data validation. You still have to do something with the output to make