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U2tool - Universal USB Tool

Open source support for the U2TOOL Universal USB Tool family of products

G9impulse-ng - Next Generation G9 Impulse Video Game Platform

An extension of the G9 Impulse Video Game Platform developed by Zuofu Cheng et al. http://code.google.com/p/g9impulse/

Cengine - Embedded soft core processor optimized to run C in minumum clock cycles

C code is parsed to generate data for embedded ram blocks and a simulation step generates a cycle log of the code execution. Classes that emulate hardware blocks are updated in the same way that hardware blocks are updated by clocks. New computer architectures can be explored by using new classes or combinations of classes. The parallel operation of several memory blocks is used in place of pipelining so the effect of conditional jumps/branches does not require branch prediction/guessing. Also t

Freepga - F(ree)PGA Development Board

FPGA Development Kit for student

Fast-timing-model - FAST Timing Model

Developed at University of Texas at Austin in the FAST group headed by Dr. Derek Chiou. Written in Bluespec.

Counter-bcd - Counter BCD

Este projeto é referente a um relógio digital com 6 displays 7-segmentos, representado no formato HH:MM:SS. A versão inicial do projeto trata-se de construir um bloco com 3 contadores BCD representado em displays 7-segmentos, contando de 000 a 999. O mesmo será utilizado como componente no projeto do relógio.

Fpga-magic-1 - Magic-1 FPGA Port

More info about this project and VHDL/Verilog tutorials (http://www.tutoriaisengenharia.com) This project is about the porting to FPGA of the Bill's Magic-1 computer (http://www.homebrewcpu.com/) Some Bill's M1 photos: Some Bill's videos: The Image bellow helps understand the Magic-1 Architecture This table will briefly describe each part. Area

Fpga-soc-opencore - SoC with a FPGA using opencores

The aim is to build a SoC FPGA platform using opencores