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Practicadso - Práctica de diseño de sistemas operativos

Práctica de diseño de sistemas operativos: Creación de un micrcokernel.

Dso-patcher - Drakensang Online Patcher

Drakensang Online Patcher#ATTENTION! with the new Release 022 (as of 9-9-2011) of the game, the DSO-Patcher is rendered useless for now.OverviewDrakensang Online Patcher may provide a convenient way to modify the offline content of the browsergame Drakensang Online. This can be accomplished for example by copying files to the appropiate folder (DSOClient). Drakensang Online Patcher doesn't provide these files themselves! FeaturesALPHA6: check for INI file at startup, else create INI if ini-file



Dsomob - mobile network with distributed shared objects

mobile network that establishes communication with distributed shared objects like CORBA,RMI,SOAP & GLOBE.

Dsonano - DSO Nano - Open source Digital Oscilloscope based on STM32

DSO Nano v2 is a Digital Storage Oscilloscope designed for basic electronic engineering tasks. Within its smart shell, the device runs on ARM Cortexâ„¢-M3 32 bit platform, provides basic waveform monitoring with extensive functions. It equips 320*240 color LCD, micro SD card storage, portable probes, LiPo Battery, USB connection and signal generator. Due to palm size and handy performance, it fits in-field diagnosis, quick measurement, hobbyist projects and wherever convenience matters. Scheme a