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Tonfall - Tiny AS3 Audio Framework

TonfallTonfall is an Actionscript framework to get you started in audio dsp programming within the Flashplayer(10+). Tonfall introduces only a vague design of an audio engine and is rather focussed on readability and simplicity than performance optimizations. Tonfall was initially written for the 'Audio Code Clash' workshop at 'Flash on the beach' conference 2010 in Brighton and used since then for several workshops. Features process audio- and event-processors with proper time information polyp

Tootdemo - Demonstration code based on toot2

This project provides demonstration applications based on toot2 and tootaudioservers. Effectively it is a test suite. It also contains very immature code not ready for toot2. The toot2 project provides core models and frameworks for java audio and midi applications. The tootaudioservers project provides implementations of the toot2 AudioServer interface and supporting classes.

Gleamsynth - Gleam is a sound synthesizer library written in C++. It receives sound synthesis events

Please visit the project homepage here. Gleam is a sound synthesizer library written in C++. It receives sound synthesis events such as note on, program change, pitch bend, etc, and produces a raw audio stream. Gleam is intended as a library rather than as a stand-alone program. However, some basic example programs are provided that allow e.g. playing a MIDI file using a given soundfont. Design goals include: Well documented library API for use by external programs. Well documented and structure

Cfgen - Java app for species counterpoint analysis, composition, and playback.

CFGen is a tool that makes it easy to do your Music Theory homework... it'll even do it for you! CFGen can analyze and compose species counterpoint. It uses state-space search to come up with valid harmonizations. A simple two-staff GUI allows the user to easily create and modify the melodies. CFGen can also play back the melodies, one at a time or together.

Coyote1 - Open Stomp Coyote-1 OS

Operating System (firmware) and Effects for the Open Stomp Coyote-1 open source guitar pedal. Full documentation is maintained on the main site http://www.OpenStomp.com

Foo-cdartdisplay - A foobar2000 message interface component for CD Art Display

This is a foobar2000 component that provides a running instance of CD Art Display with various song information. If you want to show your appreciation and / or encourage future development, please consider donating via the button below (requires registration with the great Flattr service).