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Logomatic-kwan - Logomatic Kwan - Alternate firmware for Sparkfun Logomatic LPC2148

Logomatic Kwan - Alternate firmware for the Sparkfun Logomatic based upon the NXP LPC2148 microcontroller. The primary improvement over the old Logomatic code is that it can record serial and analog data at the same time. Secondary improvements include oversampling and GPS synchronization.

Open-ngadc - OpenNGADC - Open Next-Gen Analog to Digital Converter - 24.576+Mhz (512fs) Mutli and Si

Welcome to the Open Next-Generation Analog to Digital Converter project. This is a hardware only project. This is a sister project of the OpenNGDAC, the Open Next-Gen Digital to Analog Converter, and both are child projects of the OpenNGDI, the Open Next-Gen Digital interface. Basic Goals are to implement a cutting edge ADC on a pcb and achieve the highest possible specifications. This project is aimed to have a somewhat modular approach, similer to the style introduced by the Buffalo DAC. All o

Open-ngdi - Open-NGDI - Open Next-Gen Digital Interface - 1.5+Mhz PCM + 6-bit 24.576+Mhz (512fs) Del

Open-NGDI - Open Next-Gen Digital InterfaceIntroThis project is for the DIY audiophile, the Ham, the pioneering researcher, the scientist, and anyone else in need of a high quality digital interface to the physical world. Current plans are to develop an interface capable of capturing the "RAW" data stream from today's high dynamic range analog to digital converters, operating internally with an "Multi-bit Delta-Sigma, AKA Sigma-DPCM" Architecture. LicenseThis is a hardware project with required

Opendso - The Open Source Digital Sampling Oscilloscope

IntroductionThis project aims at creating an Open Source Digital Sampling Oscilloscope (DSO). The target is to design a 2-channel, 100 MS/s sampling rate, 8-bit resolution portable device. Although there are numerous DSO projects floating around on the Net, none of them is suitable because: it is not meeting the above characteristics it actually felt below the announced expectations it is non-free Based on this observation, this project was started with several goals in mind: propose an Open Sou

Octopususb - OctopusUSB Interface Converter and I/O Extension for Computers

OctopusUSB offers many different Interfaces from the world of microcontroller over an easy USB interface. So you can use IO-Ports, AD Converters, I2C, RS232, SPI, CAN (opt.) easy in your own pc application. The functions can be called in different languages (C, C++, Java, Python, ...). Because the software is a completely open source, and the components for the device simple and cheap to get, Octopus is the ideal companions for tests, handiwork or as a tool for development. Important change The

Dcsharp - An easy to use Direct Connect client

DC# is a file sharing client for the Direct Connect protocol, which allows you to connect to hubs to chat and share files. It supports the basic features expected from a Direct Connect client: Hub chat and private messages File search and transfer Additional features are: Segmented downloading The integrity of downloaded files are verified Downloads can be started and stopped/paused Notification when a download is complete

Dtella-cambridge - additions for dtella, originating from cambridge

Additional extensions on top of dtella, originating from (and used at) Cambridge. Adds support for the ADCS protocol, auto-upgrade, multiple networks, better integration with distutils, etc; and (trunk-only) a network-wide "items list".

Convolution - Filter Digital Signals

Develop of funtion the Convolution in FPGA using Verilog, \t used to filter signals, in FPGAs could be very fast \t since the captured data can be filtered as they are stored. Capture the ADC, Storage, Filter.

Rufusdc - KDE 4 DC++ client

SummaryDC++ client for KDE 4. Uses DC++ core, as for now - version 0.75 I tried to implement DC++ client from scratch, and succeeded partially. But since guys from LinuxDC++ did all the hard work making DC++ core running on Linux, I decided to switch. Kudos to DC++ and LinuxDC++. The code is clear, well-designed, easy to read and to integrate. Status2009-07-05 Switched to DC++ core, development going fast. Not usable now, but since it shares config with linuxdcpp, you can use RufusDC to see how

Rolala-app - Rolala Team's software for the Android Developer Challenge 2

This is the Rolala Team's software poject for the Android Developer Challenge 2.