Stackoverflow Open Source Technology Stack

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Stackoverflow is one of most widely used Q&A platform. It is the default choice of developers. It has over 100 million page views in a month and its Google page rank is 60. Check out its open source technology stack, the tools used to build such a popular website. Stackoverflow uses open source projects and also contributes to it.

Commercial software:
Programming Language: CSharp
Web Server: IIS
Database: Microsoft SQL Server

Open Source software:
ServiceStack.Text is a Web Services framework. It uses fastest JSON, JSV and CSV Text Serializers.

Elastic Search is a powerful search engine based on Lucene. It provides distributed RESTful search and analytics.

Redis is a advanced key value store. It is used for caching.

Booksleeve provides pipelined, asynchronous, multiplexed and thread-safe access to Redis via CSharp code.

Dapper is a simple object mapper (ORM) for .Net. It is used to access MSSQL Server.

StackID is a OpenID provider implemented for the Stack Exchange network, built on top of dotNetOpenAuth.

MiniProfiler is a simple but effective mini-profiler for .NET.

MarkdownSharp and PageDown:
Markdown is a markup language, which users type their text in a formatted way. MarkdownSharp is used in the server side to process the formatted text to HTML. PageDown is used to preview the content in the client side.

Protobuf-net is a fast, portable, binary serialization for .NET. protocol buffers is the name of the binary serialization format used by Google and this library is .NET implementation of protocol buffers.

Bosun - Monitoring system written in Go. It is an time series alerting framework.

NetGain - A high performance websocket server library. It pushes real-time updates to users such as notifications in the top bar, vote counts, new nav counts, new answers and comments, and a few other bits.

Opserver - Stack Exchange's Monitoring System. It is a tool for monitoring servers, elastic search , database, load balancers etc.

Jil - Fast .NET JSON (De)Serializer

Most of the popular highly active social networking sites are developed either in Ruby, PHP, Scala or Java. If you want an example of popular site running in .NET, IIS and MSSQL server (Microsoft stack) then it would be Stackoverflow. There are lot of open source tools available in .NET. You could buy couple of Microsoft commercial software and use rest of open source software.


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