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Lightweight ASP.NET content management system. If you are tired of CMS's that are complicated and turn things to be more complicated. If you are like "Oh boy - I wouldn't know where to start :(". Then you should try ZZZ CMS.

Zzz-dimension - Save Earth from invaders by zapping them into another dimension

The invaders are coming and if enough of them make it to Earth they will take over. You are the last hope to stop them. When you shoot at them with your special non-violent weapon you do not kill them, but you send them into a limbo dimension that we call Zzz. They are still alive but probably pretty upset that at being zapped into such a boring dimension with nothing to do except watch fireflys.

Jquery4java - jQuery bridge for GWT and Java2Script

Library for using jQuery from GWT and java2script. jQuery bridge is rebuild from jQuery documentation. You get all - autocompletion, refactoring, javadoc. Simple example: import static com.jquery.JQuery.$; public class Main { public static void main(String args) { $("#test").addClass("zzz"); } }

Javazzz - zzzz


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