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XNA 3.0 beta will feature (among other things) support for the Zune. ZuDoKu is our first attempt at a project targeting that platform. It's Zune SuDoKu (ZuDoKu)




Related Projects


LocaliZune lets users to sign in into Zune Software with a Zune account localized in another country than their computer current location.

Zune Connection Detector

A quick, clean method to detect if Zune is connected with Windows Phone.

Image Wall Control for Silverlight

A control for Silverlight that emulates the wall of images in the Zune.

Zuneapps - A bunch of Zune Apps I have modified or put together

This page contains some apps I modified for the '''Microsoft Zune Player'''.


ZuneCardr makes it easier for anyone to view Zune Card data, without needing to use the normal Zune Card and save other Zune Card designs with customisation options and more such as Styles and Themes. It is developed in Visual Web Developer 2010 Express using Silverlight 4.0.

Zune LCD

Zune LCD is an applet to display all important informations from the Microsoft Zune Software on the Logitech Monochrome or QVGA display (e.g. the display used with the Logitech G15/G19 Keyboard or the Logitech G13 and Z10 devices). It also lets you control the Zune Software.

Media Lync

A small WPF application which broadcasts the song you are currently playing in Microsoft Zune Player for Windows as your personal note in Microsoft Lync 2010.

Zune-vs-ipod - a redone alien game; in the key of zune

First of all(I know you don't want to here this); this is my first zune project. I've been waiting for a while for there to be some sorta zune vs. ipod game. I got bored, and since I have more time than money, i just redid Microsoft's Alien Game. Korneel is now part of the team. The most recent release is the Christmas Edition. Woo!

Sescape - Santello's Escape

My group's midterm project "Santello's Escape" Here is a video of the game being played on the ZuneHD: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHmzk2_EbVk