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Related Projects

Financingtracer - financing tracer for fabric

Jinsong Zhang's testing project for Google App Engine using Python runtime.

Fishdot - It is a private project, only for learning Java Swing library.

Fish-Dot is a Swing-based Java game written by Tony C. Zhang (Chi Zhang) as an assignment from CSCI 470, Summer 2010, NIU.

Bnusnake - A simple snake game project.

Creator: Zhang Qiao; Using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 with Microsoft Foundation Classes Library.

Northwindproject - Order Form for Northwind store

C# project of Algonquin College. Order will be recorded in MS Access database. Database file is separated and has different copyright. Build by team: Hu, Hongying Singh, Kanwaldeep Zhang, Ao Zhou, Xu

Starnt - Dictionary-Based Fast Transform for Text Compression

This is an implementation of StarNT--text transform. The algorithm is developed by Amar Mukherjee, Nan Zhang, and Weifeng Sun of niversity of Central Florida. The project was initially a part of SFSZ--a gzip project started in CSC340 and lead by instructor Volkoff in San Francisco State University.

Jajatr - Yet Another Java Automatic Term Recognition Library

JaJATR was initiated as a fork of jatr library by Ziqi Zhang. Its purpose is to implement wide range of methods for automatic term recognition for multiple natural languages and evaluation tools based on available annotated corpora.