zeromq4-1 - ZeroMQ 4.1.x stable release branch - bug fixes only

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ZeroMQ 4.1.x stable release branch - bug fixes only



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discussion styletwitter focus domainstock tech plannedpythonic web application based on the following opensource techniques 1. web server: nginx + cheerypy2. web template: cheetah3. scalable service bus: zeromq4. mongodb databackendREQUIREMENTSSETUP STEPS: 0) install python 2.6+ 1) install mongodb 1.6+ 2) install mongodb's python driver: pymongo 1.9+ 3) install cherrpy

ozzero - ZeroMQ binding in Mozart/Oz 1.4.

ZeroMQ binding in Mozart/Oz 1.4.

libzmtp - Minimal ZMTP implementation in C

The contributors are listed in AUTHORS. This project uses the MPL v2 license, see LICENSE.The contribution policy is the standard ZeroMQ [C4.1 process]( Please read this RFC if you have never contributed to a ZeroMQ project.

base85 - nodejs base85 encoding and decoding

Base85 encoder/decoder written in native javascript.Where base64 [adds approximately 1/3][Base64], base85 only [adds about1/4][Base85]. Of course there's a tradeoff. The Base85 alphabet includescharacters that might not be as friendly as the base64 alphabet. While it'sstill only printable characters, the [Ascii85][Base85] specification containsquotes (`'` and `"`) which needs escaping in many programming languages, andthe [ZeroMQ][Base85ZeroMQ] specification contains `<` and `>` which needescap