libcurve - An encryption and authentication library for ZeroMQ applications

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Curve implements the [CurveZMQ]( elliptic curve security mechanism, for use in ZeroMQ applications. This library is primarily a reference implementation for the CurveZMQ specification but may also be used for end-to-end security.The ZeroMQ core library has its own implementation of CurveZMQ over TCP, since July 2013. The Curve library is intended:* To facilitate CurveZMQ implementations in other languages by providing a reference implementation.* To provide security for older versions of ZeroMQ.* To provide end-to-end security over untrusted intermediaries, for instance between two chat clients connected over a public ZeroMQ-based chat server.* To provide security over other transports that fit the one-to-one model (it will not work over multicast).CurveZMQ creates encrypted sessions ("connections") between two peers using short term keys that it securely exchanges using long term keys. When the session is over, both sides discard their short term keys, rendering the encrypted data unreadable, even if the long term keys are captured. It is not designed for long term encryption of data. The design of CurveZMQ stays as close as possible to the security handshake of [CurveCP](, a protocol designed to run over UDP.NOTE: CurveCP, CurveZMQ and the Curve library are considered EXPERIMENTAL and NOT PROVEN FOR PRODUCTION USE. Like all new security protocols, the code needs review and time to be considered mature. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. The authors make NO PROMISES or guarantees about the level of security this protocol or code offers you.



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