gyre - Golang port of Zyre

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Gyre does local area discovery and clustering. A Gyre node broadcastsUDP beacons, and connects to peers that it finds. This class wraps aGyre node with a message-based API.All incoming events are delivered via the recv call of a Gyre instance.The first frame defines the type of the message, and followingframes provide further values: ENTER fromnode headers ipaddress a new peer has entered the network EXIT fromnode a peer has left the network JOIN fromnode groupname a peer has joined a specific group LEAVE fromnode groupname a peer has left a specific group WHISPER fromnode message a peer has sent this node a message SHOUT fromnode groupname message a peer has sent one of our groups a messageIn SHOUT and WHISPER the message is a single frame in this version.In ENTER, the headers frame contains a packed dictionary.To join or leave a group, use the Join and Leave methods.To set a header value, use the SetHeader method. To send a messageto a single peer, use Whisper method. To send a message to a group, useShout.



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