ZeroBUGS. User-mode Visual Debugger for Linux.

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Modular debugger for C/C++/D programming languages (and virtually anything else that supports Stabs/DWARF debug formats), Includes Gtkmm-based GUI, and Python scripting framework. Works on Intel and AMD (32 and 64-bit) processors. Support for PowerPC 32-bit is there but has...



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As3zerobug - Use Firebug from ActionScript 3

as3zerobugA simple proxy class for using Firebug from Action Script 3. Your debugging will be happily via as3zerobug. Let's enjoy debugging! SampleSee: (Firefox only) import zerobug.Console; public function init():void { var console:Console = new Console(); // start the timer var timerId:String = 'zerobug'; console.time(timerId); // Primitive Number console.log(1985); console.log("int - %d", 1985); console.log(new Number(0.434294482)); console.log('Number

zerobugs - Git clone of ZeroBUGS

Git clone of ZeroBUGS