zf2 - Official Zend Framework 2 git repository

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Official Zend Framework 2 git repository




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Zf-prototype - Prototype for developing Webapps with ZendFramework

This is a skeleton of a ZendFramework Apllication with db-user-authentification and 2 Pass-Pagerendering

My--blog - my first zfblog

my first zfblog 注: 1.需开�php扩展的php_pdo扩展� �php.ini里的extension=php_pdo.dll之�的分�去掉 2.开�apache的rewrite_module模� 3.开�.htaccess目录识别 AllowOverride None 把里�的None改�All

Zfdbmongodb - Zend Framework Compatible Library for Mongo DB PHP drivers

Mongo DB on Zend Framework and other PHP FrameworksThis is a framework LIBRARY developed mainly for Zend Framework to wrap around the Mongo DB PHP drivers so they are integrated nicely by having to use just 1 to 2 facade final classes instead of putting them all together in your code for most of your use cases. It can also be used easily with other PHP frameworks that use name spacing but can definitely stand alone or be used for other type of PHP frameworks without further code changes to the l

rsslounge aggregator is a web based rss feed reader

rsslounge aggregatorrsslounge aggregator is a free web based rss feed reader. Its very similar to google reader but supports priorities and images. Projekt pageyou can find all infos about rsslounge on http://rsslounge.aditu.de if you have any further question, feel free to use the forum on http://rsslounge.aditu.de/forum Featuresfull featured rss reader set priorities for feeds and select a priority range supports images and photos for easy following photoblogs or communities like deviantart aj

Zenephpframework - Zene PHP Framework

Zene PHP FrameworkFramework dla PHP korzystający z bibliotek: Bvb: obsługa grid'a: http://zfdatagrid.com/ Smarty: szablony - http://www.smarty.net/ Zend: php core - http://framework.zend.com/ htmLawed: walidacja danych html GET/POST - http://www.bioinformatics.org/phplabware/internal_utilities/htmLawed/ javascript core: Jquery oraz wizualizacja: Jquery-UI soap: narzędzia pomocnicze do generowania kodu php <=> wsdl: PHP WSDL Generator oraz wsdl2php-0.2.1 testy: wykorzystanie testów kodu phpun

Xonoid - XoNoiD CRM is helpdesk ticket system, customer list, customer network assets list

Project development is halted.XoNoiD CRM is helpdesk ticket system, customer list, customer network assets list. It's based on Zend Framework. Basic ideaCreate new company Add contact user Add branch offices Add network devices Add network device ports Add VLANs and IP addresses Add domains Customer canCreate tickets for your helpdesk Control all of his network assets RequirementsGNU/Linux (may work with MS Windows XP or better, not tested) Apache 2 mod_rewrite .htaccess SSL (HTTPS) certificate

Hush-framework - agile and powerful web framework for php

Powerful and stackful web application framework for PHP (Useful for ERP) Based on Zend Framework and Smarty template engine! By -- James.Huang (黄隽实) 框架特点(Features) 1> ZendFramework å’Œ Smarty 的完美结å�ˆï¼ˆMVC) 2> 优化的 ZendFramework Url Mapping 机制(比 ZF å¿« N å€�) 3> 完善的 Full Stack å‰�å�Žå�°æ�¾è€¦å�ˆæ¡†æž¶ç»“构(带调试框架) 4> 支æŒ�æ•°æ�®åº“连接池,负载å�‡è¡¡ï¼Œåˆ†åº“分表策略 5> 强大的 RBAC æ�ƒé™�控制系统(å�¯æ‰©å±•ï¼‰ 6> æ•

ZendSkeletonApplication - Sample application skeleton using the ZF2 MVC layer

You would then invoke `composer` to install dependencies per the previousexample.Using Git submodules--------------------Alternatively, you can install using native git submodules: git clone git://github.com/zendframework/ZendSkeletonApplication.git --recursiveWeb Server Setup----------------

Zend-framework-repo - A Maven repository for the Zend PHP Framework

This is a maven repository for the Zend PHP Framework, beginning at version 1.11.1 and currently hosting all point revisions up to 1.11.10. We aim to provide a minimal distribution of the Zend Framework for maven projects that do not make use of plugins that require a custom packaging format (most notably, php-maven). Three classifiers are provided: library - The core Zend Framework Library extras - The core Zend Framework Extensions Library bin - The core Zend Tool As Google Code only provides