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Sources for the Zend Framework website




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Signalsy - Signalsy - signal/slot oriented web application platform

Signalsy - new way to architect web application without traditionally MVC pattern. (c) 2009 AGPsource Team. Project are commercial support from Wheemplay Ltd.

Impsoft - ImpSoft eCommerce Application

ImpSoft is an implementation of the Zend Framework which I use to build web applications. It's built for PHP 5.3. Actually this is the ecommerce app. The framework is at /p/impsoft-commerce/ due to an error in naming.

Widgetapps-metis - A Zend Framework Starter Library

Metis (mee-tis) is a Zend Framework starter library. It provides some basic extensions to the Zend Framework, the main extension being a simple localization view helper that uses XML files for language files. There is also a Zend Framework skeleton that can be used as a starter directory layout for a new Zend Framework project. Yes, there are already libraries & tools out there (like Zend_Tools) that you can use as a ZF starter. The main difference is that this project is really just my way of s

Kargo-event - Asynchronous, Scalable I/O for PHP

PROJECT MOVED: http://github.com/fhoenig/KellnerAboutKargo-Event is a solution to scale high-frequency API-type HTTP traffic, using a new methodology for PHP network programming, centered around a libevent extension. MotivationWeb traffic has gone a long way from simply serving HTML pages and image files and is now much more often a transport layer for remote procedure calls (AJAX, REST, SOAP,...). And this not just for public web services, but also often used as a communication method between t

rsslounge aggregator is a web based rss feed reader

rsslounge aggregatorrsslounge aggregator is a free web based rss feed reader. Its very similar to google reader but supports priorities and images. Projekt pageyou can find all infos about rsslounge on http://rsslounge.aditu.de if you have any further question, feel free to use the forum on http://rsslounge.aditu.de/forum Featuresfull featured rss reader set priorities for feeds and select a priority range supports images and photos for easy following photoblogs or communities like deviantart aj

ZendSkeletonApplication - Sample application skeleton using the ZF2 MVC layer

You would then invoke `composer` to install dependencies per the previousexample.Using Git submodules--------------------Alternatively, you can install using native git submodules: git clone git://github.com/zendframework/ZendSkeletonApplication.git --recursiveWeb Server Setup----------------

Hush-framework - agile and powerful web framework for php

Powerful and stackful web application framework for PHP (Useful for ERP) Based on Zend Framework and Smarty template engine! By -- James.Huang (黄隽实) 框架特点(Features) 1> ZendFramework å’Œ Smarty 的完美结å�ˆï¼ˆMVC) 2> 优化的 ZendFramework Url Mapping 机制(比 ZF å¿« N å€�) 3> 完善的 Full Stack å‰�å�Žå�°æ�¾è€¦å�ˆæ¡†æž¶ç»“构(带调试框架) 4> 支æŒ�æ•°æ�®åº“连接池,负载å�‡è¡¡ï¼Œåˆ†åº“分表策略 5> 强大的 RBAC æ�ƒé™�控制系统(å�¯æ‰©å±•ï¼‰ 6> æ•

Ajde - php mvc framework

Ajde is a web framework to kickstart your PHP projectsYet another PHP 5.0 MVC framework with out-of-the-box HTML / CSS / JS / caching and HTTP optimizations. Your project will be fast and cutting edges right from the start! PLEASE NOTE: Ajde is in an early alpha stage, and the API is still changing. Getting Started with Ajde A framework for Grade A performanceAjde aims to be a framework for creating fast websites. Employing out-of-the box minifiers + combining for resources and caching them to r

Zendframework-blog - Blog application

Written with Zend Framework 1.8.3 based on the book "Practical Web 2.0 with PHP"