Component_ZendLoader - Loader component from Zend Framework 2

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Loader component from Zend Framework 2



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Newsky-google-chart - PHP wrapper for use the Google Chart API

The library was originally developed as a component of the Zend Framework. But, thanks to its weak coupling, it can be used with a little part of the Zend Framework : just Zend_Loader is requiered for use. This library, developed in PHP5 object can easily generate charts using Google Chart API. Its use is meant to be simple and intuitive. For example, to generate the following graph, a few lines of code are needed: $gc = Newsky_Google_Chart::factory( 'p3' );$gc->setWidth( 300 ) ->setHeight( 300

Yano - A template helper for the Zend Framework

This is a helper class which performs simple string replacements on a template to convert it into a pure PHP script consumable by the view component of the Zend Framework. Usage:Drop the Yano directory in your library folder. Enable Zend_Loader autoloader. Register the action helper in your bootstrap: Zend_Controller_Action_HelperBroker::addHelper(new Yano_Template_Compiler());Now your app will look for a template first before trying to render the view. If one is found and is newer than the corr