Component_ZendDb - Db component from Zend Framework 2

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Db component from Zend Framework 2



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Gecko ToolboxA PHP Toolbox based on Zend Framework, it provides some components and features to ease RAD, also has a custom implementation of MVC Pattern for programming, but it's 100% compatible with Zend Framework and Zend MVC. FeaturesIt extends Zend Framework proving the following elements: MVC Router: Template Rendering Config System using Zend_Config DB Singleton using Zend_Db Quick DB Authentification module using Zend_Auth Advanced HTML Form Generation Form Decorators, Renderers and Temp

Monitorix - A free monitoring component for your Zend Framework application

WARNING: This page is deprecated in favour of logs php & javascript errors, exceptions & slow queriesNewsStatus of the project4. February 2012: Project migrated to github ( 20. January 2012: A small but long due addition has been made: Fatal and syntax errors are logged via register_shutdown_function! Get Monitorix 1.2 now! 20. September 2011: Version 1.1.0 (final) is available and includes Javascript

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Игрова� платформа дл� бы�трого по�троени� браузерных игр различных жанров (�тратегии, менеджеры, RPG). Предо�тавл�ет базовые компоненты дл� разработки игры. В разработке - Game Class Library, �и�тема о�новных кла��ов и функций дл� облегчени� �оздани� игр. Детальнее о проекте �мотри

Zend-framework-datagrid - Zend Framework DataGrid

"Zend Framework DataGrid" is a project / component written in PHP5, specially developed to work with Zend Framework, aims to generate grids or list from a Data Source such Zend_Db_Table, Zend_Db_Select, Zend_Db_Adapter, Propel, Array, and so on. With features like sort columns (sort / order by), pagination and an appropriate render depending on the type of column. Once you have checkout or downloaded the libraries, you should copy the "Core" folder inside the "library" folder of our project (whe