The Legend Of Zelda 64: The Beta Remade

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The Legend of Zelda 64: The Beta Remade is a remake of the original Ocarina of Time Beta. It is based as much as possible off of the information available online.



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Vg64tools - Tools for various video games

Tools developed by the team and others for various N64 games.

Uot - WIP Ocarina of Time model viewer/editor

Utility of Time aims to culminate the knowledge gained by the Zelda 64 hacking community into an easy to use and intuitive, graphically driven application. Written in VB.NET (2008) and OpenGL through the Tao Framework binding. Currently, it is designed around the Ocarina of Time Debugger's ROM (it does technically support all N64 Zelda formatted levels and models, but certain usability features are exclusive to the Debug version), with expansion to normal OoT ROMs/Majora's Mask planned. Portions

Z64 - Projects developed for N64 Zeldas

Programs, modifications, and hacks for N64 Zeldas. IRC:

H4lengine - h4lEngine: Motor de juegos basado en Ogre para Tesis de Ing. en Computación

Motor de juegos basado en la librería de render gráfico Ogre que implementa dos tipos de juegos en uno, acción y estrategia. El modo Acción es similar a Mario 64 o Zelda, el control intenta ser original para juegos de computadora, no se usarán teclas del teclado en lo posible, el movimiento será a través del mouse (presionando el botón principal y moviendolo a través del terreno, el personaje seguirá al cursor), los ataques se lanzarán con movimientos especiales del mouse (por ejemplo

Gzrt - GNU Zelda ROM Tool

Hi guys. This project has moved! Go to for the latest version. GZRT is a nifty utility for manipulating N64-based Zelda games. This tool covers everything verifying/ensuring ROM integrity to extracting and modifying the filesystem within the game. You may also extract the files contained within the ROM. Filenames - if present - will be used for the output. It is written in C. Feature list: File extraction (with filetype detection): treat the ROM as if it were an

Sharpocarina - Scene development tool for Zelda OoT

SharpOcarina is a scene development tool for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (and possibly Majora's Mask) for the Nintendo 64. Written in C# and using OpenTK for the scene preview, the program allows the user to create new levels by importing Wavefront .obj models, adding game-specific level components (actors, waterboxes, etc.) and customizing the rendering of the models in-game (ex. translucency), then automatically converting all the data into the game's or resp. the system's native form

Ozmav - OpenGL Zelda OoT/MM map viewer (and related projects)

The OZMAV series of programs, namesakes of this project page, are OpenGL-based map viewers for a variety of Nintendo 64 games, mainly The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask. The original OZMAV was written in C, using the Windows API for its GUI. This version is still available from the SVN, but has since been deprecated. Its replacement, called OZMAV2, is a "semi-cross-platform" rewrite of the program. It's still written in C, but is now buildable under both Windows and Linux, us