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Zeal is a node-based editor for rapid prototyping procedural textures and HLSL pixel shaders. The project focuses on ease-of-use and UX to allow designers and artists to quickly develop a concept for the overall look and feel of a shader.




Related Projects

Graduate-selection-process - Automation of the Selection Process.

Graduate Selection Process is the project that goes around the details of online recruitment. It is the project that is intended to make the recruitment process fair, faster and reliable. This project has been developed for web application as client/server model. The code easily reflects the intensity of our zeal to make our application stable and user friendly for the user to understand it well.

Aigamezeal - zeal- augmented reality 3d rts

a 3d rts based augmented reality game, where the player can watch models on the computer screen while playing on a table-top


Zealos is a new operating system with a focus on being modular

2ipad - Add-on script for ComicRack / ComicZeal / Bookman for iPad/iPhone/iPod

2iPad is an add-on script for ComicRack that lets you copy, rename and transfer comic files from ComicRack into an iPad/iPhone/iPod. You can use it to transfer a large number of files at once, using SyncDocs or FTP transfer. It is optimized to work with ComicZeal or Bookman. DOWNLOAD Click http://comicrack.cyolito.com/forum/13-scripts to download the latest stable release of 2iPad (released Apr 24, 2012). INSTALLATION Make sure you have the latest ComicRack installed before you begin! Download a

ZEAL-C02 Bluetooth module Driver for Netduino

A class library for the .NET Micro Framework to support the Zeal-C02 Bluetooth module for Netduino.

zeal-debian - Ubuntu PPA packages for Zeal

Ubuntu PPA packages for Zeal

NSIS.docset - NSIS documentation set for Dash and Zeal

NSIS documentation set for Dash and Zeal

zeal-at-point - Search the word at point with Zeal (Emacs)

Search the word at point with Zeal (Emacs)

Autohotkey.docset - Dash/Zeal Docset for autohotkey_L

Dash/Zeal Docset for autohotkey_L


Converts Comic Zeal "Imported Comics" directories into a sensible CBZ directory structure.