Z3 Test Suite

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Test suite for the Z3 theorem prover.




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This is a simple utility to enable Linux users to use 3G Internet from Bulgarian mobile operators with 3G USB modems without any configurations performed by the user. Currently tested on recent Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and openSUSE distributions and following devices: HUAWEI E173 (Vivacom), Alcatel X220L (Vivacom), ZTE MF190 (Globul), ZTE K3565-Z (M-tel). connect_3g now supports PIN code security, though using it is not recommended.

Pyseq - Python File Sequence Module

OverviewPySeq is a python module that finds groups of items that follow a naming convention containing a numerical sequence index (e.g. fileA.001.png, fileA.002.png, fileA.003.png...) and serializes them into a compressed sequence string representing the entire sequence (e.g. fileA.1-3.png). It should work regardless of where the numerical sequence index is embedded in the name. For examples, see basic usage below. Basic UsageUsing the "z1" file sequence example in the "tests" directory: % ls te

Revex - C# regex reverser.

Given a regular expression, Revex can generate a string that will match it. Test Results^abc$ > abc : pass\\Aa > a : passz\\Z > z : passz\\z > z : passz\\z > z : pass\\G\\(a\\) > \\(a\\) : passab\\b > ab : passa\\Bb > ab : pass\\a > : pass[\\b] > : pass\\t > \\t : pass\\r > \\r : pass\\v > ♂ : pass\\f > \\f : pass\ > \ : pass\\e > � : pass\\141 > a : pass\\x61 > a : pass\\cC > ♥ : pass\\u0061 > a : pass\\\\ > \\\\ : pass[abc] > a : pass[^abc] > í : pass[a-z] > a : pass. > ² : pass\\w > z

Javascript-surface-plot - 3D Surface Plotting in JavaScript!

3D Surface Plotting in JavaScript!This JavaScript code allows one to plot 3D surfaces. Download the code and take a look at test.html to see how. Tested in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer 6. Works in IE via use of excanvas. (See test.html in the download.) Performs best in Safari and Chrome. See here for a working example.See here for a code example.Want some WebGL slickness? See here. z = cos(x) * cos(y) z = sin(x) * cos(y) z = cos(x) * cos(y) + sin(x) a wire frame is rende

Jelliphy - A web design GUI available from the browser

Jelliphy introduces a new concept in web design: a browser-based GUI to modify any web page from the browser itself. Currently tested with the last versions of Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer 8 and 9. Use Jelliphy Lite for free now: visit the link http://www.dispage.com/?show_bookmarklet or 1- Add the following link to the bookmarklets of your favorite browser: javascript:(function(j,e,l,L,i,p,h,Y){var%20z=j%5Be%5D(l);z%5BL%5D('type','text/javascript');z%5BL%5D('src',Y);j%5Bi%5

Scalasmt - Integrating constraint solving into Scala

This is a playground project for testing ideas on integrating declarative constraints into a general-purpose programming language. SAT, SMT, CSP, and Logic Programming are all welcome as back-ends. We have the following dependencies: SBT build tool Z3 version 3.2 or later. In theory, any SMT-LIB2 compliant solver should work. To run the tests: set smt.home to wherever you placed Z3 binary ("~/opt/z3" by default) ./sbt update ./sbt test AST.scala defines the language of constraints. We support th

Coil - A powerful configuration language for Python

Coil: A Configuration LibraryIntroductionCoil is a configuration file format that is parsed into a tree of dict like Struct objects. The format supports inheritance, allowing complicated configurations to be as compact as possible. Text FormatCoil provides the concept of a struct - an ordered list of key/value pairs. Basic types are True, False, None, integers, floats, unicode strings and lists of basic types. Here we define a single struct: x: { anInt: 1 aFloat: 2.4 aString: "hello" andAList: [

Cl-ruby - A 'compiler' for a subset of Ruby (implemented in Common Lisp)

Fibonacci example : (make-timed-test test-fib :code "def fib (n) curr = 0 succ = 1 presucc = nil for i in 1..n do presucc = succ succ = curr + succ curr = presucc end curr end" :call "fib(1000000)" :return-result nil :print-function 'print-digits)* (test-fib)Evaluation took: 31.734 seconds of real time 31.810000 seconds of total run time (30.070000 user, 1.740000 system) [ Run times consist of 1.260 seconds GC time, and 30.550 seconds non-GC time. ] 100.24% CPU 3 forms interpreted 50,639,978,358

Jsc3d - A web 3d object viewer using pure javascript and html canvas

IntroductionWelcome to JSC3D. This project provides a 3d object viewer for presenting 3d models and small scenes on a web page. JSC3D is coded entirely in Javascript and requires an HTML canvas to perform rendering and interactions. JSC3D does not target at a serious all-purpose 3d engine. In contrast it is made especially for online design sharing and product exhibitions. Currently JSC3D is built on pure javascript software rendering with 2d canvas technology and does not depend on webgl or plu