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Powerwindows - 2112PowerWindows a Portal Builder Javascript Framework.

A framework written in Javascript to build Web 2.0 GUIs with full draggable content windows. For LIVE - Demo see manufacturers homepage, which is employing the framework ( The solution is exensible by building custom 'snapIns' that can simply be build using Javascript. However there are already snapIns for content (IFRAMES), embedding (Flash etc.) included in the package. All content will be displayed in 'snapIns' - small windows that snap (or dock) into a portals pre

ybuild - Unofficial YUI builder port to node.js

Unofficial YUI builder port to node.js

yui3-builder-gradle-plugin - Gradle Plugin for automatically building YUI3 modules

Gradle Plugin for automatically building YUI3 modules


An M2E compatible Maven plugin for executing incremental YUI component builds.


FrontBuilder is a simple tool developed for execution with php-cli, that enables developer to automate the optimization of javascript and css files in their project. FrontBuilder uses google-closure-compiler for the optimization of javascript and yui-compressor for css files. FrontBuilder depends on a manifest json file in the root of the front end project to provide information about the build process.


'Squeezer' is a ColdFusion Builder extension that compiles your JavaScript code into better JavaScript with 'Google's Closure Compiler' or that compresses your JavaScript and CSS files with Yahoo's 'YUI Compressor'.

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