YuBiS Framework

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Silverlight and WF based a workflow RAD framework.




Related Projects

Yubico-python-client - client-side code written in Python for verifying Yubikey one-time passcodes (

I think YubiKey is a cool way for easy and at the same time serious authentication so i wrote the client-side code in Python for verifying Yubikey one-time passcodes (OTPs)

Python-yubikey-auth - Python class to verify YubiKey One Time Passwords

This is a Python class that allows you to verify One Time Passwords (OTP) from a YubiKey. Unlike some of the other Python implementations, this one actually takes advantage of the HMAC signature provided in validation responses from Yubico to be sure the response really came from Yubico.

Yubikeymulator - Java-based open source project for simulating the Yubikey security token actions

YubiKey®, is a unique USB-key by Yubico for instant and strong authentication to networks and services. With a simple touch on the YubiKey, it automatically sends the user's identity and a secure one time pass code. It works from any computer for any number of applications with no client software needed. For more information, see http://www.yubico.com/ The Yubikeymulator is a Java open source project for simulating the Yubikey by software. It can be used for different purposes, from learning th

Yubico-php-lib - PHP implementation of basic Yubikey authentation classes

Gives a base for other people to integrate the Yubico Yubikey into their PHP projects. Use the Yubikey class to decode a key, and the YubiAuthenticator to integrate the Yubikey into your security system. This code base is obsolete. Don't use unless you know what you are doing.

Yubikey-python - YubiKey library written in Python

This library implements stand-alone decrypting and parsing of Yubikey authentication tokens. It also contains an authentication backend with a validation server for the Django Webframework v1.0. Support for authentication on other Python (web)frameworks (like CherryPy, Pylons, Turbogears, Zope etc) would be great. Bug reports, ideas, documentation, code reviews and example projects are also more than welcome!

Yubikey-simplesaml-admin - Admin server to go with the simpleSAMLphp based YubiKey authentication se

This is a small admin server that lets you manage Google Apps domains and their users, intended for use together with the simpleSAMLphp server. A live example of the server can be found at: https://saml.yubico.com/admin/

Ruby-yubico - Ruby class for interaction with the Yubico API

Yubico.rbThe Yubico Ruby class enables use of the Yubikey device in Ruby. This simple class lets you authenticate and manage keys through Ruby. More information on the Yubikey can be found at Yubico.com. ImplementationUsage and implementation are extremely simple. The documentation has a fuller description in place, but here's a quick-start: require 'ruby-yubico/yubico'api_key = "" # optionally use this to verify responsesyubi_key = Yubico.new(3, api_key)otp = "" ## The OTP from the YubiKey goes

Yubikey-getapikey - YubiKey web service to add a new API key

YubiKey web service to add a new API key. This is intended to be used together with the YubiKey validation software, YK-VAL.

Yhsmpam - YubiHSM login helper program

Login helper program to use YubiHSM with pam_externalpass for YubiHSM-powered PAM authentication.

Oscommerce-yubikey-plug-in - osCommerce strong authentication using Yubikey

To protect customer data Yubico provides a YubiKey plug-in, enabling staff and customers to use a YubiKey to securely access the system.