Youtube-cache - Cache YouTube videos

YouTube-CacheCache YouTube video files on the proxy server. ICAPTips? Squid's store_urlWorks with most videos, but not all. Requires Squid <3.0. Tested on Squid 2.7. Instructions are available at this Squid Wiki page. Make sure to apply the patch at the very end of that page. Instead of using the patch above, you can set minimum_object_size to 512 bytes. This should work with all videos, but will decrease your hit rate. To avoid the hit rate decrease problem, you can use two instances of Squid. The one dedicated to video files can then use the minimum_object_size option, while the main Squid instance uses the cache_peer option. YouTube.phpWorked with all the videos I tested. Seeking to the middle of a video and then going back to the beginning sometimes did not work. It was happening because some browser/flash combinations were using Range requests. It should work now. Click on Source > trunk > php to download the three source files and follow the installation instructions. nginxWorked with all the videos I tested. Seems to be the best option, save for one minor detail: files will always be downloaded completely, even if the requesting client has already disconnected. Click on Source > trunk > nginx for a sample configuration and a Squid URL redirector. Instead of a URL redirector, you can use the cache_peer option. TODO: The URL redirector should probably check the values in id and itag, since they are used in nginx's proxy_store. You can contact me at -AT-

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