YANS : Yet Another News System

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YANS is intended to be a fast, efficient, and easy to use News Publishing System, written on PHP, with mysql on backend for storing news, archive, and user information. It features three administration levels, archive system with search feature, postin




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Revel-reader - Reveal: A YanCEyBook Reader for Android

In order to take advantage of the massive library of Yanceybooks available (Thank you, Bryce Yancey for making it all possible), we are writing a YanCEyBook Reader for the Android platform. Available YanCEyBooks include the Bible and other LDS scripture as well as many other classic books and LDS texts. Check out the Online eBook Download feature on the main menu of Reveal or http://lds.org/handheld/newarchive/0,18495,344-3-2,00.html and http://yanceyware.com for books and the origins of YanCEyW

Cs-377-nachos-jic - Using Nachos to Complete CS 377

http://lass.cs.umass.edu/~yan/CS377/nachos.html Umass Programming Lab descriptions


YanC42 is a GUI configuration tool for the nVidia and ATI Linux Driver Set. It supports viewing, editing and creation of X Configuration options and environment variables.

Movieinfofetch - movie infomation fetcher

the first wxpython program written by Felix Yan 我的第一个在 Boa Constructor 下写的 wxPython 程�… 基本功能1, 输入影片�(中文/英文, �以�输全) 输出影片信� 2, 从资�管�器拖放mkv文件到窗�, 输出影片信�+文件信�(分辨率 片长 MD5/SHA1/ed2k链接 等等) Win下无法�行请下载安装微软 VC2008 �行库. ChangeLog