yet another notekeeper

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Yank is a simple notekeer and todo-list manager using the gnome and gtk libraries. It feels stable and usable enough to be released to the public but it surely lacks some (not so important) features which might be added later.



Related Projects


Collection of tools to convert data from Windows Treepad files to Unix Yank format and vice versa. The following tools are available: hjt2yank, yank2hjt, and hjtyank windows frontend.

YankRing.vim - Maintains a history of previous yanks, changes and deletes

Maintains a history of previous yanks, changes and deletes


MrProjext is a MrProject-Databasefile-Extractor and -Converter: It can search the tasks belonging to a specific timeslot or recource. And (as converter) it can rewrite the extracted result as MrProject-, Evolution-, Yank- or Pilot-File.

Musicmpdscrobble - A program which monitors MPD and submits to audioscrobbler using 1.2 protocol

Fully implements published 1.2 standard including, "Now Playing." Doesn't care which 240 secs / .5 length of the song you play. For example if you repeat the first 10 seconds of a song 24 times then stop, it will scrobble. It is smart enough to not count a skip and deals well with pause. Rewinding entire song counts as a new time playing it. Polls mpd only once a second. Can read mbid from tag if placed their by Picard or my own Music::Tag program. This feature requires Music::Tag library to be

yank - Yank terminal output to clipboard

Yank terminal output to clipboard

Killkeys - An alternative to yanking keys from the keyboard

KillKeys disables specified keys, preventing programs from picking them up. They then effectively become dead keys that does nothing while KillKeys is enabled. The default behavior is to disable both windows keys and the menu key when in fullscreen windows to prevent accidentally pressing them when playing games. You can configure KillKeys to block any key you wish. Read more... Download KillKeys 1.2 Download archive (x64)

Teddsdroidtools - Tedd's Droid Tools

AboutWelcome! This is an Android application I wrote earlier in the year to "fix" a few issues I was having with my new Droid and to have some fun tinkering around with the Android platform. I love my Droid but I don't like having to use the touch screen to answer calls. I like having a physical button to answer my phone with (go figure). Messing with the slider isn't always feasible... especially when my wife calls me while I'm on my way home from work in bumper-to-bumper interstate traffic. I

albumart - Yanks album art from the Internet.

Yanks album art from the Internet.