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YANDES - Yet Another Natural Deduction System




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My-imouto-booru - Danbooru-based image board for PHP

MyImouto.Booru is practically a Danbooru port for PHP and MySQL. This booru is based on Yande.re (former Moe|Oreno.Imouto.org): all the logic of the system was taken from there and transcribed from RoR to PHP. MyImouto.Booru was originally made to be used locally as an image organizer and viewer, so some sections and features don't work yet. More info on this in the WhatIsMyImouto wiki page. However, it can be used online. You can see a live demo here: http://myimouto.pop-works.info/

Imgbrd-grabber - Batch downloader and viewer for boorus/imageboards.

SummaryImageboard-Grabber is an imageboard/booru downloader with graphical user interface. It can download thousands of images from multiple boorus automatically. Its main advantage is its very powerful naming features: just set your filename and folder using all the tokens available and conditionals, and he will generate an image-dependant one. FeaturesBrowse images from the internet Download huge amounts of images Download single images using their md5 or id Rename downloaded images using a fo

yandereSyncTool - Utilitaire de synchronisation pour Yande.re C#

Utilitaire de synchronisation pour Yande.re C#

yand - android framework

android framework

yands - yet another newspaper design study

yet another newspaper design study


A slideshow igoogle gadget for any booru that uses the danbooru API, by default, it uses yande.re

yand - Yet Another Node.js Documentation viewer

Yet Another Node.js Documentation viewer