yet another mvc framework

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YAMF(Yet-Another-MVC-Framework) is a lightweight MVC-framework for PHP Developers. Which retain a robust easy to follow framework without the hassle of bulky-monolithic mvc code-base.Good for Rapid Development.



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Pyamof - Yet another mock framework for python

Mock framework for Python, which has taken influence from jMock. InstallingDownload latest version from Downloads and extract the file. Run sudo install. Best way to see the usage is to see the test code Basic usageTo set basic expectation that doSomething must be called: m = yamf.Mock()m.doSomething.mustBeCalledMethod can be mocked also: mockMethod = yamf.MockMethod()mockMethod.mustBeCalledTo verify that the doSomething was called use: m.verify() The verify will raise asse

YAMF - Yet Another Micro Framework

Yet Another Micro Framework

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Yet Another Micro Framework for PHP