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YALL is a set of scripts to build a busybox/uclinux/grub bootable system from the ground up. Scripts to build ICEWM/browser/etc are included. It fits in 16Meg of RAM and runs in just 32M, config files and directories can be saved to the runtime image.




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Umt-cs-cs241 - A collaborative site for CS 241 at the University of Montana

Hey ya'll. Use this for subversion. You can add other files to Eclipse commit them with project directories by: right-click YourEclipseJavaProject -> Import -> General -> File System Just select the file you want to add and voila. It will be added outside of the src folder.

Yall1 - YALL1: Your ALgorithms for L1

A collection of fast L1 minimization algorithms based on the dual alternative direction method. The project home is at http://yall1.blogs.rice.edu.

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Ando.MC will be a Media Center for android driven mobile devices - we're currently working on a detailed feature list and will let you know as soon a beta version is out! so check back in a few weeks :) 04.07.2008 - Help wanted!We want you for the ANDO.MC team! You're pretty handy with the android sdk or you have the "killer" ideas for software development? You want to create a media application that will let people have a good time? Contact us with android sample code you wrote or some concept

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Welcome Lua PeopleRight now i'm just getting together a team of lua coders. If you want to join the team, sign up for a google account and send me an email with your username to rickyman35@hotmail.com so I can add you to the project. Also you need to sign up for the darkRP developer's forums at http://darkrp2.lefora.com Then resquest to join the forum and ill add of yall when I get back.

Ma-sh - Modern Alchemists ShiVa Libs

MASHModern Alchemists ShiVa Libs is a bundle of custom written ShiVa addons. All projects rely on ShiVa 1.9 and UAT 1.2 beta 7. This doesn't mean it won't work with older versions, but the docs might refer to code hockups which weren't present back then. All code is under LGPL License. If you like our work, tell us! If not, tell us even more! Got a code fix? Tell us... you get the idea ;) You can get all the files/code either from the download section or via SVN. MASS: In-App-Purchase for iOS an