Yahoo Weather

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This project about Yahoo Weather Ap? services. this project get weather result using yahoo api by Asp.Net.



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A simple jQuery plugin to display the weather information for any location. The data is pulled from the public Yahoo! Weather feed via the YQL API. Developed by James Fleeting.

Java-weather-api - Java API for getting weather information

Very simple API for getting basic weather information from various providers. It is aimed for simplifying retrieval of weather information in applications. If you need access weather information from your app, you are welcomed to use this (very simple) API written in pure Java. Currently three weather providers are supported: Google weather service, Yahoo weather service and Weather underground.


Allows you to get the weather via a specified Postal Code. It then tweets it on your account. Tweets the current conditions, the forecast and also gives you the information on your desktop. Uses the Yahoo Weather API as well.

Python-weather-api - A python wrapper around the Yahoo! Weather, Google Weather and NOAA APIs

IntroductionBuildingFrom sourceGetting the codeDocumentationYahoo! WeatherGoogle WeatherNOAAExamplesScriptResultWhere is it used?NEWS IntroductionThe module provides a python wrapper around the Yahoo! Weather, Google Weather and NOAA APIs. Author: Eugene Kaznacheev <> (pywapi - Python Weather API) BuildingFrom sourceDownload the latest pywapi library from: Untar the source distribution and run: $ python b

Hoap - Additionnal Packages for Hoa Framework - Open Accessibility

Additionnal Packages for Hoa Framework - Open Accessibility. <?phpecho "Hoa Framework, it's rock !";Beta version:Hoathis_Weather - Get current and forecast weather with Google Weather Api. Hoathis_Currency - Get currencies values of European Central Bank. Hoathis_Convertor - Convert many formats (currency, language, metric, etc. Hoathis_Kml - Keyhole Markup Language (Google Earth, Yahoo Pipes, Microsoft Virtual Earth, etc.) Under construction:Hoathis_Cron (manage crontab with a php deamon) Hoath

Sators-status-board - A web based AJAX enabled status board pulling from the Kayako helpdesk system

3/3/10 Update: after upgrading our Kayako instance to v4, I realized how hard coded I had made the board...seriously considering some core rewrites to build more dynamics into it...who knows maybe even tying into v4's new API...mmm...tasty. Details of Project: Admittedly, some of the code for departments has been hard coded, so this project is a checkout and implement at your own risk! I also offer custom st

Java Marine API

NMEA 0183 library for Java

Yweather - Perl Script to fully utilize Yahoo Weather RSS feeds.

yWeather is a script used to get different aspects of weather from a yahoo weather rss feed. It is different from others in that it locally caches the information until it is told to update again.

Php-google-weather-wrapper - Unofficial Google weather API class, written in PHP

This PHP class employ's Google's weather API to provide current conditions, 4-5 day forecast, weather icons, and more.


GWeather is a open source J2ME weather forecast application for mobile phones. Uses the Google Weather API. If you like GWeather, you can donate on