YagpoOCRUnicode c++library

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OCR c++ library. Include: contour recognition; vectorisation; matrix letter feature recognition; auto page segmentation and detect rotation; SS3 ASM core; XML base; web-based GUI; 99,6% printed Unicode text recognition; letter base up to 1200 letters.




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Ocrlib - Open Source Orient text OCR and translation library

Dear friends! For a few years our group has been developing OCR (optical character recognition) and translation system with Open Source code for Asian languages. The key features of the OCR system include: 1. Stream OCR processing During the first stage of the project, we recognized 300 000 pages of Tibetan Canon in Tibetan for TBRC Digital Library (www.tbrc.org) We used MacPro server that has processed all 280 volumes with one OCR set. 2. Tibetan spell checker and online dictionary on 250000 wo