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yaDing is a dictionary lookup program, containing dictionaries for German-English and German-Spanish translations.




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Waterspheres - Discrete Element Modelling of a Saturated Granular Medium

THE MODELThe model is based on the resolution of the flow problemin a saturated granular medium, by implementing themicromechanics involved in classical soil mechanics problems.THE GROUPEmanuele Catalano, PhD Student at the University of Grenoble, "Laboratoire 3S-R", FranceBruno Chareyre, Maitre de Conference at the University of Grenoble, "Laboratoire 3S-R", FranceEric Barthelemy, Full Professor at the University of Grenoble, "Laboratoire LEGI",FranceTHE SOFTWAREThe work is a part of the proces


improved and streamlined version of the YadeX doom map editor

yade - Dopper effect calculations

Dopper effect calculations

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