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Yabasic is a free, multi-platform implementation of a traditional command-line BASIC programming language interpreter. It is small, feature-rich, and easy-to-use, with numerous useful features and facilities for structured programming.




Related Projects

yab Interpreter for Haiku

yab is an extended version of yabasic, a BASIC programming language, with special commands designed for Haiku.

Win32 Port of YaBasic for PS2

A Windows32 port of the version of YaBasic that was shipped with the PS2. This should allow people to more easilly develop programs and to test their programs before posting them on the internet.

Bmp-image-to-ti-nspire-file-converter - A BMP image to .TNS (TI Nspire file format) converter, in sh

It's a converter that takes an image (BMP format) and turns it into a TI-Nspire readable format (.tns file). The language used is Shell. Inspired by Ciwtron's Yabasic version.


Extension of NS2 simulation tool including: wireless sensor network module,extend from mannsim mobile agent module, reference by yabasic

Osbasic - "Extended" Tinybasic interpreter

Back to the basic'sosBasic (abbreviation of Old Style Basic) is a simple multiplatform basic interpreter project by a hobby programmers. Goal of osBasic is not a to be a modern or powerfull basic dialect, but more like a advanced TinyBasic interpreter, which hopefully can give me same kind of feelings what old classics such as MSX-Basic, Gw-Basic, Sinclair Basic did at back at the 80's.So, if keywords such as LET, GOTO or GOSUB gives you some nice memories, then you might want to check out this

yabasic - YaBasic . 2008

YaBasic . 2008

tetris - Another tetris clone, written in yabasic

Another tetris clone, written in yabasic