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Yab (Yet Another Buildtool) is another replacement for the ubiquitous Make tool. Many replacements have been built as a result of frustration with Make. Yab attempts to combine the best features.




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phpYABS: Yet Another Book Software

phpYABS (Yet Another Book-management Software) is an Object-Oriented application written for PHP 5.2.x and based on symfony and Zend Framework; its goal is to provide a simple interface to manage either a personal book library or a book store.

yab Interpreter for Haiku

yab is an extended version of yabasic, a BASIC programming language, with special commands designed for Haiku.

Mashup-lavapotato-yabs - Sample - Tabs

Created with the Google Mashup Editor.

Yabs-online - Yet Another Budgeting System - YABS

Yet Another Budgeting System is a web-based ajax-enabled application with the intent to provide a simple yet complete solution to manage my personal home finances. It borrows budgeting concepts of a great product I use and recommend called 'You Need A Budget' (YNAB) See more details at: http://www.youneedabudget.com However, the real motivation behind this project is to keep me updated with latest trends in the Java/J2EE world. There are countless interesting Java frameworks and tools, but for t

Image2css - Convert images (png, gif, jpg) to Data URI CSS classes

Image2CSS-Converter has moved to github.comnew location The purpose of Image2CSS-Converter is to stream-line the process of generating data URI for use in CSS files. There are several online tools that allow you to upload images and receive a screen full of Base64 text. This tool allows you to batch script the process on your own machine. Features: Command line interface for Linux or Windows Generate CSS file containing Data URI CSS classes Convert single file or entire directories of images to

yabsplugins - Wordpress plugin suite for YABS

Wordpress plugin suite for YABS


yab_email is a tiny Textpattern CMS plugin for obfuscating and defuscating email adresses