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y-notes is a set of lightweight applets and scripts that enable webmasters to specify points where website users may leave 'sticky notes' to be used as a navigation aid, shared, and retrieved later. y-notes require no registration, logins, or passwords




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Wp2jisko - Wp2Jisko allows to notify the new posts of your blog to Jisko and Twitter

Wp2Jisko is a small plugin for Wordpress that allows to send a note with the url and the title of your post to Jisko and Twitter. Wp2Jisko es un pequeño plugin para Wordpress que permite enviar una nota con la url y el título de tus artículos a Jisko y Twitter

Enginey - EngineY Social Networking Framework

Note: If you prefer to use Git Hub, the EngineY source code is also available on Git Hub here. If you just want to download a copy of the source rather than pull from SVN or Git, you should use the Git Hub download here EngineY is a social networking framework written in Ruby on Rails. Visit our website at http://www.enginey.com for more information about EngineY. To see an example of a running instance of EngineY, visit the Michigan Ruby Community at http://www.rubymi.org Getting the Code To do

Gestural-music-sequencer - The GMS is a generative MIDI sequencer that converts light into musical p

The GMS is a Gestural Music Sequencer developed in Processing by John Keston. The application samples video and displays it either normally or inverted so it looks as though you’re looking into a mirror. Each frame is analyzed for brightness, then the X and Y data of the brightest pixel is converted into a MIDI note. The X axis is used to select a pitch, while the Y axis determines the dynamics. As users move, dance, gesture, or draw in front of the capture device, notes are generated based on

Polymorph-js - Polymorphic JavaScript functions and methods

This allows you to easily create polymorphic functions (functions which have the same name and differ in number of parameters or their types). JS itself doesn't support this, so you should manually check number of parameters and their types to perform different actions. This library makes things much easier, and your code will look better as function interfaces will be explicitly declared. You may also create polymorphic methods and constructors. The library might be helpful if you want to port

Libsum - Pattern matching and sum types, aka disjoint/tagged/discriminated unions, aka variants for

Pattern Matching and Sum types for CThis is a set of macros that provide the ability to declare and pattern match on sum types: /* declare a sum type and its constructor tags */SUM(foo) { foo_one, foo_two,};/* declare each sum case */CASE(foo, foo_one) { int i; char c; };CASE(foo, foo_two) { double d; };void do_bar(foo f) { MATCH(f) { AS(foo_one, y) printf("foo_one: %d, %c\", y->i, y->c); AS(foo_two, y) printf("foo_two: %d\", y->d); MATCHANY fprintf(stderr, "No such case!"); exit(1); }}int main(

Lemon2yapp - Translates grammar files from the lemon format to a format understood by the Parse::Yap

Synopsislemon2yapp.pl < input.y > output.yp DescriptionLemon is a parser generator maintained as part of the SQLite project. This perl script takes a lemon grammar file on stdin (input.y) and prints out an equivalent grammar file suitable for use with the Parse::Yapp perl parser generator module (output.yp). This output can be used with the yapp command line tool to produce a perl parser for the grammar. The output is also good for making a skeletal grammar file for use with yacc, as yapp and ya

Jmathplot - easy Java scientific plot for math engineering

JMathPlot: interactive 2D and 3D plotsProvides interactive 2D/3D plot (without openGL) : 2D/3D scatter plot 2D/3D line plot 2D staircase plot 2D/3D histogram plot 2D/3D boxplot 3D grid plot 2D/3D quantiles on plots \t Note: for a true OpenGL java plot library, try the good jzy3d project Example Java codeimport org.math.plot.*;... double[] x = ... double[] y = ... // create your PlotPanel (you can use it as a JPanel) Plot2DPanel plot = new Plot2DPanel(); // add a line plot to the PlotPanel plot.a

Formlayout - Create PyQt4 form dialogs *easily*

Overviewformlayout is a tiny Python module for creating form dialogs/widgets to edit various type of parameters with having to write any GUI code (it requires Python 2.x and PyQt4 4.y, with x >= 5 and y > 3). The main advantage of formlayout over similar libraries is that it's very simple to use/install and that it's so light (it just needs PyQt4 to run). However, if you are looking for more advanced automatic GUI generation, try the guidata library: this is an incredible combination of simplici

Gdisk-format - GUI to format disks

ENGLISH: gdisk-format is a tool developed in C with GTK for format of pendrives or harddisks. It offers information about disks. This was made for users who are beginning to use Linux. It supports the filesystems more commons: NTFS, FAT32, EXT3 and EXT4. Note1: You must be ROOT for run it Note2: You must have installed e2fsprogs, dosfstools, ntfsprogs and gnome-mount ESPAÑOL: gdisk-format es una herramienta desarrollada en C con GTK que proporciona una interfáz gráfica para formatear memorias

Js-bezier-functions - Javascript Bezier Functions &amp; Working Examples

Beziér Curves & DHTML You’ve no doubt already heard of Beziér curves and seen them being used in graphics packages and computer games. You may have even thought of using them to perform animations and transitions in DHTML, but maybe you were daunted by the complex mathematics involved. While the underlying principles are reasonably advanced, it is not necessary for you to understand the Beziér Functions in order to use them. Beziér functions can be used to generate a wide range of shapes,