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Rails plugin for a database-independent dump format, data.yml. This fork no longer maintained, please see:


Rails plugin for a database-independent dump format, data.yml. This fork no longer maintained, please see:

Yml2tex - Generates LaTeX Beamer presentations out of YAML files.

yml2tex is a Python script which will generate a LaTeX Beamer presentation out of a YAML file. ReadmeThe README can be viewed here Installationeasy_install yml2texSource CodeThe source code is available on GitHub.

Rubys3backupscript - A simple script that takes a list of files from a yml and backs it up to S3

A simple script that takes a list of files from a yml and backs it up to S3. It's configurable to backup in 10 minute, 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, and 1 year increments. This is only the beta version. More refining to the increments has yet to be done. Notes on configuration are in both conscript and the example yaml provided.

Qlocktwo-clone - php class to create a clock like QLOCKTWO

This is a php class to create html-code for a QLOCKTWO looking clock. Inspired by Biegert & Funk

Suda-in - Twitter clone to use in your company, school and community

Site moved to https://github.com/kimho/Suda-inSuda-in is a twitter clone to use in company, school and community. FeaturesBasic Twitter Features Support LDAP authentication Support Gravatar Support Video Chat Page (With OpenTok) Simultaneous writing on Twitter Default language is English Before You BeginInstall Ruby, RubyGems, Rails 3, and a database like MySQL InstallationDownload the source from "Source" tab. Set your configuration file at config/config.yml (see config/config.default.yml for a

Rodillitas - Wikimedia IRC bot

Bot para #wikipedia-es de freenode con comandos para obtener información de Wikipedia. El bot es simple y para usarlo sólo necesitas tener instalado ruby. Bájatelo del SVN haciendo $> svn checkout http://rodillitas.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ rodillitas-read-only Y ejecútalo con $> ruby rodillitas.rb Y ya lo tendrás funcionando. Si quieres cambiar la configuración, edita config.yml Si quieres añadir frases chorra y esas cosas, edita const.yml Si quieres cambiar el comportamiento de rodillit

Simplyglobal - A rails plugin that simply globalize a rails project

NO MORE WORKING IN RAILS 2.3SimplyGlobal...helps you create multilingual sites in rails makes it easy to use different template files for different languages uses multilingual file written in pure ruby... no database or yml files Why another plugin?The ones we tried were too hard to use, not easy to install or incomplete. SimplyGlobal is easy to use, easy to install and complete (for our needs). How to use itInstall it Write routes Create templates You are ready to use it Here is a list of known

Fixture-migrate - This is a rake task that you can drop into a Rails project that will allow you to

Assumptions:You are working with a rails application. You only have fixture files for tables in your database. That is if you have a table called companies you have a fixture called companies.yml. UsageTo add this rake task to your project just drop the migrate_fixtures.rake and migrate_fixtures.rb files into the lib/tasks directory of your rails project. Create a schema_info.yaml file under test/fixtures that contains something like the following: schema_info: version: "2"version number must co

Pylolz - Python LOLspeak Translator

PyLOLzA Python library for translating English to LOLspeak Created by Stephen Newey Original Python code, copyright 2008 Stephen Newey Inspired by Dave Dribin's Ruby library lolspeak (http://www.dribin.org/dave/lolspeak/) tranzlator.yml dictionary by Dave Dribin Python code licensed under the Mozilla Public License v1.1. http://www.mozilla.org/MPL/MPL-1.1.html Requires: PyYAML (http://pyyaml.org/)_ Download latest version (0.3): http://pylolz.googlecode.com/files/pylolz-0.3.tar.gz Usage:Run the