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xxdiff is a graphical browser for viewing the differences between two or three files, or between two directories, and can be used to produce a merged version.




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Cvsxxdiff - Utilities to graphically review the status and changes on files managed by a CVS reposit

cvsxxdiff is a collection of utilities which allow the user to graphically review changes, track status and manage commits of files managed by a CVS repository. Latest stable version is cvsxxdiff-1.5.1, released 6th May 2008 IntroductionIn any software project, code changes need to be frequently reviewed and coordinated. cvsxxdiff utilities offer the means for easily reviewing changes and coordinating development in a CVS managed project. The cvsxxdiff package consists of these utilities: cvsxxd

xxdiff.rb - An xxdiff/Subversion integration script in Ruby

An xxdiff/Subversion integration script in Ruby