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The xx-sources are Linux kernel patchsets which contain many experimental kernel patches not found in the vanilla sources, and allow configuration flexibility beyond most other kernel sources.




Related Projects

KeePass for Smart Devices

This project hosts the Windows Mobile ports of the famous Windows PC application "KeePass - The Open-Source Password Safe" from Dominik Reichl (http://keepass.sourceforge.net). KeePassPPC is based on KeePass V1.xx and KeePassSD on KeePass V2.xx.


VertrigoServ is a complete PHP development and server environment for Windows. It installs Apache 2.x.x, PHP 5.x.x, MySQL 5.x.x, and PhpMyAdmin, both installing and setting up the environment. An uninstaller allows you to remove Vertrigo from hard disc. Vertrigo is a freeware compilation of free software (under GPL, Apache License). Main aplication has closed source code. For license details please take a look at every single component terms and conditions.

Phptweetdev - An open-source PHP 5.x.x Twitter API library

An open-source PHP 5.x.x Twitter API library originally coded by Simon Fletcher <simon@youmeo.com>. For help and general questions please contact me on Twitter.com through @parallelworlds < http://www.twitter.com/parallelworlds >.

IXP4XX Open Source Development Guide

IXP4XX Open Source Development Guide - A central clearing house for obtaining and developing open source HOWTOs, scripts, patches and source code examples that show beginners and experts alike how to use the Intel (R) IXP4XX Product Line (IXP425)

Ruby-pdns - Ruby PowerDNS Development Framework

Ruby development framework for Power DNS Pipe BackendNOTE: The source for this project is now on github. A lot of cases require custom DNS responses based on location, time of day, monitoring status or many other situations, traditional DNS hosting systems makes this very hard. PowerDNS makes this a bit easier for the skilled hacker with it's Pipe Backend but the documentation and implementation details can be quite scary, what if someone made a simple framework to make this easy? This is that f

Jquery-datatable - jquery datatable plugin

This is a jquery datatable plugin.It's work on jQuery framework! This Plugin is tested on jQuery.1.2.6!Please See http://docs.jquery.com. This Package including jQuery.1.2.6! The current version is 1.0Beta! New features: 1,Support json and array dataSource; 2,Easy to setting , and 's width,class and css; 3,Support no refresh data update; 3,Esay to localize by create a jquery.datatable-xx_XX.js file. and more come soon...

Icecron - Habbo Hotel Content Management System

2.x.x ICECRONGeneral Information ICECRON is a Habbo Hotel Content Management System created to be light-weight and simple, allowing Habbo Hotel private servers to manage their websites content with ease. The overall purpose of ICECRON is to allow users with little knowledge of website programming languages to be able to manage their own website with ease, additionally to allow contributors and developers to create their own customizations (hacks) without ever needing to modify the original sourc

Mod-jail - mod_jail is Apache 1.3.xx and 2.xx module for FreeBSD, that makes running Apache in a sec

Running Apache HTTP server in jail/chroot can be tricky, this module allows to run Apache in a secure jail prison easy, without creating real jail environment containing copy of /lib, /libexec, /usr/lib, etc. Also, every jail has it's own securelevel, and if you use file flags, it is possible to make some file can be changed only outside jail, even root in jail can't delete or modify file. There are two ways to run Apache in jail that I use: mod_jail is Apache module, that supports 1.3.xx and 2.

Php-sweph - PHP extension for Swiss Ephemeris

IntroductionPHP-SWEPH is a PHP extension to Astrodienst Swiss Ephemeris library. It's statically linked with libswe.a to implement one-to-one, C-to-PHP function mapping, no external binary executable are required. Function Prototype/Implementation StatusCurrently, for those function exported by sweph.c, swedate.c, swehouse.c, swephlib.c are implemented. IMHO, it is sufficient for general astrological calculation. Eclipse functions from swecl.c partially, and Heliographic function in swehel.c are

Query2object - An easy to use DAL Component for .NET 2.0 or upper version of .NET Framework

two new features published in Source,support mssqlserver2000 database and Mysql database 中文手册 What is Query2ObjectIt's a DAL Component.We don't care the relationship between the entity object,it just make a strong typed query and translate the result list to a strong typed list,it also can update some property of the entity object to many records in database if the records match the query conditions,and it also can do delete action like this. we all kown that,to use database,we must use