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XWing provides a library of Swing components that can display and edit XML data in a variety of forms - trees, tables, text fields, and more. It also contains a set of Jelly tag libraries that allows user interfaces to be specified completely in XML.




Related Projects

Dark-extermination - Dark Extermination

A catastrophic 3D spaceship game similar to X-Wing series, developed with C++ and Ogre. A big and adavanced alien civilization previously hidden in dark matter attacks mankind and wants to anihilate us. Everyone is in panic, and a not very well organized massive escape begins. Step to run it in Ubuntu GutsyUbuntu main, universe and multiverse repositories need to be activated. sudo aptitude install build-essential libois1 libois-dev blender-ogrexml libogre-dev libogre14 ogre-doc ogre-tools subve

Rudoku - Modular hybrid sudoku solver

NewsIt's 2009, and one of the goals I'm setting for myself this year, is investigating if it's possible to apply the RETE pattern matching algorithm to rule-based sudoku solving. And if it is, implementing it. ...when I find the time, that is. I have a few ideas and a basic architecture worked out, but RETE is quite complex and I'm not sure if it's suited for sudoku solving. Right now I'm thinking it is, because the fact set (basically this is a list of all possible candidates for each field) ch

Pristine - A space-sim combat simulator written in ActionScript3 using Papervision3D

Pristine (8757NC) aims to be a customizable AS3 space combat simulator with multiplayer gameplay. Right now, the multiplayer component is on hold until the main engine is complete. The gameplay will consist of classic spaceflight sim with gameplay akin to the X-Wing series of games, but with more modern mechanics, such as semi-realistic newtonian physics as seen in the reimagined Battlestar Galactica. "Pristine" is a reference to the Viper MKII piloted by Kara Thrace (Starbuck) as she reappears

Xsudoky - sudoku game

XSudoky is a program written in C to play and to learn the methodologies of logical resolution of sudoku noticing and emphasizing them; you would learn and understand the methods like: Intersection, Naked, Hidden, X-Wing, Sword-Fish, Jelly-Fish, Squirm-Bag, XY-Wing ... Different puzzles are inside already to play, but you can download other puzzles copying from magazines or from the web utilizing a simple text editor and using a format that sweetable for your use. XSudoky is FREE and OPEN SOURCE

Klsudoku - 标准数独游�

为什么å�šKLSudoku一些链接地å�€KLSudoku现状版本修订记录2009.12.15(v1.3 Release)2009.7.2(v1.2)2009.4.10(v1.1 build 23847)2009.4.8(v1.1)2009.3.23(v1.1Preview)2009.2.21(v1.0)2009.2.16å¼€å�‘和使用环境说明其他说明其他相关计划界é�¢é¢„览 为什么å�šKLSudoku原因很简å�•ï¼Œå› ä¸ºè‡ªå·±å–œæ¬¢çŽ©ä¼ ç»Ÿçš„标准数独,所以借学习CSharp的机会æ�¥ç¼–写一个标准传统数独的题目生æˆ�和解题的游æˆ�软件,并且力求它å�¯ä»¥ä¸ºä½ å¢žå


C++ Native Swing Implementation: Xwing

xwpath - xwing flight school

xwing flight school

webwing - X-Wing clone using webgl / coffeescript etc.

X-Wing clone using webgl / coffeescript etc.

xwing - Squad builder for the X-Wing Miniatures game by Fantasy Flight Games.

Squad builder for the X-Wing Miniatures game by Fantasy Flight Games.