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XWeb is a command line program that can be used to create HTML websites from XML and XHTML data. The basic processing part is done by an XSLT processor, XWeb itself handles the navigation information and adds some rendered images for buttons and banners.




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Xwebproject - A Pythonic Web Framework

A Pythonic Web Framework 页�模�采用jinja2 ORM采用SQLAlchemy 在项目目录下 ./gen.py run #�行项目 ./gen.py syncdb #�步数�模型到数�库 ./gen.py app APP_NAME #创建一个应用

Cfxweb - ColdFusion components built to interact with netFORUM's xWeb Web Services

Welcome The components built in this project are designed to provide an easy way for ColdFusion developers to leverage the database system behind Avectra's netFORUM Enterprise. The code is offered with sensitive information removed, therefore some environment specific configuration can be expected. If you are using Avectra's netFORUM Pro or netFORUM Team some of the changes you will make might include namespace modifications and the addition of other authentication criteria like defining a misun

Xwebx - X Web Platform

XWebX是一个轻�级的建站平�. 一张数�表就是一个网站。�常适�个人站长在一个Mysql或Mssql数�库中建立多了�网站。 支�无��目,无�分类 支�页�自定义字段。 支�模�,支�伪�����化生� 强大而简�的���作。 Web.Insert("Name,Title,Content,Status") Web.Load() Web.LoadById() Web.LoadByName() Web.LoadByDNA() Web.LoadBy(strSelectKey) //Examples: Web.Id=RQ("Id") Web.Status=1 Web.LoadBy("Id,Status") Web.

xweb - ????python???Web????



x960 Theme Framework for d6

KFStatsXWeb - Web pages for displaying the stats

Web pages for displaying the stats

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