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XUL4J is yet another fork of the jXUL source. A Java based XUL engine based on Mozilla XUL 1.4. The library will be released under LGPL.




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Zkuery - ZK Widgets for jQuery progromming

ZKuery provides a complete, feature-rich widgets for jQuery programmers. It is aimed to enable the rich, and engaging RIA user experience for Web applications and websites that don't need to integrate with the sophisticated enterprise infrastructure. Over 90 off-the-shelf state-of-art XUL-complaint jQuery-based Ajax widgets Grid, listbox, tree, borderlayout, window, panel, menu, popup, calendar, tabbox, flashchart, combobox, datebox, timebox, spinner, progressbar, paging, drag-and-drop,... Flexi

Extension-rake - Rakefile to build your Firefox/Thunderbird extension.

PurposeThis rakefile makes it simple to package your extension and even will create signed update.rdf for you. However it needs some tuning before it could be used. InstallationMake sure your sources are placed into svn. None of others versions controls are supported yet. Although it's easy to drop this dependency. Make sure you have the following directory structure root (doesn't have to be named this way) src (doesn't have to be named this way) content extension_name extension_code skin defaul