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XTypeS is a DSL for writing type systems for languages implemented in Xtext.




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Xtype2django - takes extjs xtype form and converts to django form with or without json data

Extjs forms have more features than either html forms or django forms with widgets. However mobile phones often work better with javascript disabled. This project takes a extjs form defined with xtypes and converts the form to a django form object. The django form can then be displayed as html. The django form can also be set to display data embedded as default values. The django form can also be used to validate extjs form submits.

WPF Theme Replacer

This library allows users to provide their own resource dictionaries to replace the default theme dictionaries loaded by WPF. This will make it so you don't have to decorate custom styles with BasedOn="{StaticResource {x:Type ...}}" and other benefits.

Extjscarousel - Ext.ux.Carousel : Extend from Carousel Component - 0.6.3 - 08/18/2008

This carousel component extends from the billwscotts http://billwscott.com/carousel/ yahoo javascript component, I made this for a web project I needed for work, using EXTJS. Try it out, if things work well let me know, if not add some code of your own to support this project. You will need the EXTJS and a Yahoo script to run this code. Download, unzip, and add the following script files - carousel.js & utilities2.5.0.js - to your web project. Code ExampleAdd the following to the <head></head> i

Excel-to-form - Excel generate ExtJS code with xtype concept

Excel2Form , Excel2App , excel2form , excel-to-form , Excel to form (extjs) ใช้ excel สร้าง form หรือ web application อย่างง่าย core PHP 5.1.6 (up) Codeigniter 2.0 PHPExcel 1.7.5 ประโยชน์ - สามารถสร้าง web form ได้สะดวà¸�รวดเร็ว - ไม่ต้องเขียนโค้ด - ไม่ต้องมีความรู้ภาษาโปรà¹�à¸�รม - ใช้งานง่à¸

Bsqlbf-v2 - Blind Sql Injection Brute Forcer version 2

This is a modified version of 'bsqlbfv1.2-th.pl'. This perl script allows extraction of data from Blind SQL Injections. It accepts custom SQL queries as a command line parameter and it works for both integer and string based injections. Databases supported: 0. MS-SQL 1. MySQL 2. PostgreSQL 3. Oracle The tool supports 8 attack modes(-type switch):- Type 0: Blind SQL Injection based on true and false conditions returned by back-end server Type 1: Blind SQL Injection based on true and error(e.g syn

Extflot - Extended flot by Ext JS

日本語版� ProjectSummaryJa ��り�� (Japanese edition is ProjectSummaryJa) About Ext FlotExt Flot is an extension of flot on Ext JS. It's a pure javascript implementation. Ext Flot depends on the following library. flot 0.5 (and latest r156) explorer canvas (latest r60) Ext JS 2.2.1 (+ 3.0 rc1.1) jQuery 1.2.3 (+ latest 1.3.2 (jQuery.extend is rollbacked)) fugue 1.0 ForumExt.ux.Flot has a thread in Ext JS User Extensions and Plugins Ext JS Forums ExampleUse examples are on the follow

Ext-ux-filebrowserpanel - ExtJS extension for file browsing

DescriptionA simple file browsing component for ExtJS. Note: The download contains a php backend. This is written as a sample to make it work out of the box. However, it is by no means safe to implement in a production environment. Example UsageTo show the filebrowserpanel in a specified div, simply create a new instance and render it to the div as a normal panel. So say you have a div with id 'filebrowser-ct', you can do: var fb = new Ext.ux.FileBrowserPanel({ width: 800, height: 600, renderTo:

xtypes - Extra Types for RDF

Extra Types for RDF

xtype - Tiny program to simulate typing in X.

Tiny program to simulate typing in X.

xtypes-egg - datatypes for xlib programming in chicken scheme

datatypes for xlib programming in chicken scheme