Xtreme Builder

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Xtreme Builder is a PHP website builder.




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ScarAngel Mod

This is an eMule mod based on the Xtreme mod. It's created by MaxUpload and Stulle to extend the Xtreme mod with numerous other features.

Monte Carlo eXtreme (MCX)

MCX is a Monte Carlo simulation software for static or time-resolved photon transport in 3D media. It uses GPU-based massively parallel computing techniques and is extremely fast compared to the traditional single-threaded CPU-based simulations.

emule Xtreme Mod

emule client, based on official emule version (see www.emule-project.net) many enhancements and bugfixes, for details see provided changelog supported languages: for xtreme features: english, for all official emule client features: english, german, spa

emule X Mod

emule client, based on emule Xtreme Mod (see https://sourceforge.net/projects/emulextreme/) many enhancements, bugfixes and useful features from other mods. Lite Mod, based on X Mod only keep the commonly used features and reduce memory usage

Xtreme Media Player

Xtreme Media Player is a free cross-platform media player.

Xtremeobjects - Xtreme Objects

Developing software should be just creating domain models and run the application. This is what xtreme objects is all about, persistence and user interface should be automatically created from domain models.

Tasktable - Sprint organizer for the Scrum Xtreme Programming methodology

This is a substitute for the physical tasktable for those unable to scrum together.

Mapxp - C# extreme programming

eXtreme Programming with C# - working on map visualization and calculationsPart of Assignment #3 for the Software Development course , 3rd year Computer Science B.SC at the Ariel University Center.

Gamextreme - GameXtreme Tournament Ladder

GXM is a tournament ladder designed for people on Xbox Live who want to set up a clan with ease.