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XTR (XML Transformations) is project that allows you to transform, merge and summarize XML files basing on XSD files and mappings. Generates XSD file form XML (XML2XSD). XML editor with formatting capability, XSD visualization using tex, XML Validation.




Related Projects

Xtr-rodnoetv - Rodnoe.TV plugin for Xtreamer Family (Xtreamer, XtreamerPro, Sidewinder etc)

This plugin (set of scripts) allows to watch on Xtreamer family the IP-TV channels broadcast by Rodnoe.TV provider. Plugin was tested on Xtreamer and Xtreamer Pro, but should probably work on other models and clones. Xtreamer

Xtreamerdev - Xtreamer kernel and applications development

Provides a repository for Xtreamer and Xtreamer Pro related files (based on the Realtek RTD1283 SoC), as well as rtdsr, a Serial Recovery utility for Realtek RTD1283/Mars SoCs, providing the following features: memory hexdump memory block transfer, using Ymodem flash read/write to/from memory Please see the README for more details. A github repository for the Xtreamer kernel is also maintained at https://github.com/xtreamerdev/linux-xtr

Xtr-kartinatv - Kartina.TV plugin for xtreamer media player

This project is discontinuedPlease check my new project for online TV TVonTop This plug-in allows to view Katrina.TV online broadcast on Xtreamer/Xtreamer Pro media players and probably on other Realtek-based clones via RSS feeds. Xtreamer

Wintter - A Win32 Twitter client

Wintter, a win32 Twitter clientThis project aims to develop a full-featured Twitter client application that runs on Windows platform, without any framework under it. Download the latest version here or take a look in the Screenshot page. The development is in early stages. Look at the bottom of the page in the "Planning for next releases" section to see what is planned to be implemented. DownloadGo to the download page and get the latest release. Logo not needed anymore! Thanks to Rafael Dias Si

xtr - The Original Character Extrapolator

The Original Character Extrapolator


iOS app for DNF


This is a mod of xtrlock not displaying the blue lock but instead completely hiding the cursor.

linux-xtr - Xtreamer Linux Kernel, based on official 2.6.12

Xtreamer Linux Kernel, based on official 2.6.12