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LaTeXTools - LaTeX plugin for Sublime Text 2

LaTeX plugin for Sublime Text 2

TMS320C6x development tools

The goal of the c6x-tools project is to provide an Open Source development environment for users of the TI TMS320C6x DSP family. This includes (but is not limited to) the following commonly-used devices: 'C6211, 'C6711, 'C6201 and 'C6701.


LaTeX plugin for Sublime Text 2

N1-ckztools - com.ckMod.zyr3x.tools

Screen State 4 in 1 Gui for Nexus OneCustom settings: virtual memory cpufreq governor cpu scheduler undervoltage dialer optimization remount partitions with noatime storage/IO tuning UI/homescreen optimization network performance tuning etc..

Spica-ckztools - com.ckMod.zyr3x.tools

Information: CKZTools based on SSSwitch.06 +. Android software to manage and change settings SSSwitch ssswitch.conf Changelog: 1.7 - Ability to install the . zip (require IO File Manager) 1.6.5 - Add support for the choice of the kernel (XM, ckMod, Lukiqq ) 1.6.4b - Fixed the shut-off function SSSwitch - Updates PL 1.6.4a - Update PL/ES/DE [uriel/Knot3n/partner] 1.6.4 - Added DE Knot3n - Fixed PL uriel - Added manual adjustment 1.6.3b - Add Support Poland uriel 1.6.3a - Add Support Spanish partn

Xtools - Xtools for developer

Xtools for developer

Xooml - XooML - Cross (X)-tool Mark-up Language

XooML. (Pronounced "zoom'l"). Cross (X)-tool Mark-up Language.SummaryEssentially, a XooML-compliant fragment (or, simply, a XooML fragment) is a bundling of attributes. Some bundles apply to the fragment as a whole; some bundles apply to individual associations. Bundles at each level can be held in common (cross-tool) or tool specific. Work on XooML and a XooML-based middleware layer are guided by a vision of "structural integrity": Many tools, many modes of interaction applied to a common struc

Javadoc - JavaDoc is a Mac OS X Dashboard widget to quickly access the local Java API.

JavaDoc is a Mac OS X Dashboard widget to quickly access the local Java API. JavaDoc is Snow Leopard ready! Local Java API documentation must be installed. You can do this from the XTools installer options, on the Mac OS X DVD, or from http://connect.apple.com/. History 0.1 first alpha release 0.2 design change, security fix 0.3 use a compiled plugin instead of a script searches the whole API 0.4 searches in every standard package you can add your own search paths the search is now case insensit

xtools - X-Tools for common use.

X-Tools for common use.