XTL (eXternalization Template Library)

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XTL is a C++ library of template classes and functions for reading/writing structured data to/from an external (platform independent) representation. This process is also usually known as marshalling, serialization or pickling, and is useful both for he




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Xten - Xml Templates ENgine

XTEN - �то кодовое название второй вер�ии кеширующего компил�тора шаблонов XTL, напи�анного на php и признанного многими пользовател�ми рунета одним из �амых про�тых и пон�тных шаблонизаторов. XTEN отличает�� от XTL применением другой библиотеки дл� пар�инга XML, другим форматом б

Jsonpp - Recursive Data-Structures Template Library

The Recursive Data-Structures Template Library (RDSTL) is currently sitting in the old JSONpp library. The RDSTL is both a library and a set of supporting libraries. The main library is the RDSTL, itself, defines an generic interface for recursive data-structures. Libraries can be built on top of the RSDTL, for instance, the XGTL, which provides run-time XPath to any data-structure which satisfies the RDSTL and some further constraints. Entry points: JSON Library, BEL, XGTL, RDSTL. TODOjsonpp ne