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Hexa.xText is a .Net command line tool to extract text from source files for later translation, just like the GNU xgettext does. Extracted text are placed inside po files that must be compiled into satellite assemblies through the included PO2Assembly MSBuild task.




Related Projects


XTypeS is a DSL for writing type systems for languages implemented in Xtext.


FJ-eclipse is an implementation of Featherweight Java in Eclipse using the framework Xtext.

Silklanguage - A minimalist language

Simple programming language.

Recipe2 - EMF Recipe Upgrade

The successor to org.openarchitectureware.recipe, compatible with Eclipse TMF, and filled with Xtext goodness. See http://www.openarchitectureware.org/pub/documentation/4.3.1/html/contents/recipe.html for details of the original Recipe. This project aims to build on the original idea of Recipe. It will provide a means to validate code for conformity to EMF models.

Emqcfg - An Eclipse text based WebSphere MQ environment configuration editor

What is it?This is an Eclipse text based WebSphere MQ environment configuration editor. It uses TMF XText to define a DSL describing MQ environments. With a concrete model you can generate all artifacts (scripts, documentation) needed to create the whole environment (queue manager, cluster, channels, listener, etc.). What's new?12.09.2009 Version REL- released. To run it you need Eclipse 3.5 and xtext 0.7.2 For more details have a look at the Installation Guide. Browse the eMQC

Flapie - FLAPIE is a fluent API editor for creating internal DSLs in Java

FLAPIE (FLuent API Editor) is an Eclipse plugin, which will help you create an internal DSL in Java. It is based on the Eclipse Xtext project, which will provide an editor in form of Eclipse plugin and a DSL for creating internal DSLs or fluent APIs for Java using code generation. The aim of this project is to collect all the patterns for internal DSLs applicable to Java and come with some new ones and create a DSL of them. FLAPIE will enable Java developers who cannot use external DSLs in their

Agreementdsl - The implementation of Fowler's Agreement DSL using Open ArchitectureWare

This project hosts the code which implements the Agreement DSL thought up by Martin Fowler. This implementation is discussed in an article in the dutch magazine Java Magazine.

Tcc-dsl-2011 - Projeto de meu TCC envolvendo DSLs

Trabalho de Conclusão de Curso - Criação de uma gramática para geração de código utilizando DSLs Nome: Thales Eduardo Nazatto Orientador: Prof. Dr. Frank José Affonso Ferramentas utilizadas: Linguagem de Programação - Java IDE - Eclipse 3.7 Indigo Frameworks - XText 2.0.0 Sistemas Operacionais - Windows 7 / Ubuntu 11.04 Sistemas de versionamento - TortoiseSVN / RapidSVN Configuração do PC: DELL Inspiron 1525 - Core 2 Duo T7250@2 Ghz - 2 GB RAM