xTests - lightweight test suites

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Simple, easy-to-use, efficient testing library, for C, C++, Java, .NET, Python and Ruby. Combining high discoverability and low coupling, xTests is a lightweight solution designed for use in verifying other libraries.




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Remotetouchpad - completed

For MIDs witch touch screen which is a clientc controls a remote machine which have a mouse device. MID becames a remote touchpad


The XMacro package contains C++ programs (xmacrorec and xmacroplay) for recording and replaying keyboard and mouse events on an X server. This functionality is achieved through the XTest extension.

Autotestbuilder - Automated Tests Builder

Tool for developing automated tests in xml

Pyunit-splitcamelcase - split camel case names in PyUnit test names

Commandline tool to split camelCase in test names of PyUnit tests. CamelCase is good if there are few components. When there are more than 4 it becomes annoyance to read. If you have the convention of using camelcase to name tests, you have some long camel cases in your project. One solution is to use underscores, but in case of PyUnit there is yet another solution. You can use docstrings. The good news is that if there is a doc string in the test method, PyUnit will display it instead of test n

Pakietx - Programy do przeprowadzania testów wyboru

Zestaw programów do przeprowadzania testów wyboruXtest2 - przeprowadzanie testówXtestEd2 - edycja testówwersja pod windows i linux :)

Dict4ini - An ini configure process module, and deal with ini file as a dict object

Dict4Ini''This module is used to process ini format configuration file. It acts just like a dict, but you can also access it's sections and options with attribute syntax, just like x.test.'' Why reinvent this module?I used Config4Obj module for GoogleTalkBot software (confbot) to deal with configuration file. But I found its lacks on: Only can access options as x['name']['o'], but not as x.name.o You must create section first, then you can access its options. So if you didn't create x['name']={}

Mid2key - Convert live midi ON events into simulated key presses

DescriptionSmall GNU/Linux program that captures live midi input (a device like /dev/midi1 ) and maps the notes to simulated key presses. The map is set by a simple config file. Requires X11 with the XTest extension and alsa. InstallationFrom sourceMake sure you have the X11 and alsa development files (libx11-dev and libasound2-dev in some distributions' repositories) Download source from the download tab, extract somewhere. Using the console, cd into the directory and run make If nothing goes w

Amora - Amora: A mobile remote assistant

IntroductionYou got a cellphone with bluetooth and still need to manually control slides when making a presentation? Don't worry anymore, Amora (A mobile remote assistant) implements control of mouse and most of keyboard shortcuts (ESC, ENTER, SPACE, arrow keys, etc) making easy this task. Not only that, but you can take screenshots of the active window in your current graphic session (i.e. see thumbnails of PC windows in your cellphone screen). Currently, the client is implemented in Python for

Input-pad - Input Pad

Input PadInput Pad is a tool to send characters to text applications by clicking various buttons. The command input-pad is a standalone application and ibus-input-pad provides input-pad on IBus (input method). This application can sends several characters: symbol table (¢, £, ¥) number table (Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ) technical unit table (℃, ℉, ㎞) arrow table (�, ↑, →, ↓) chat smiley table (:), :-), :-D) HTML char reference table (&, ", <, >) date command table code point d

xtest - Test only

Test only