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several streambufs and iostreams that allow to compress/decompress data transparently (zlib/bzlib gzip/bzip2), serialize composite types to xdr, base64 encode/decode and tee output from one channel to several others. These can be stacked on each other




Related Projects

OSGi Bundles of open source libraries

Packaging of various 3rd party open source projects (eg JDOM, XStream, ActiveMQ) into OSGi Bundles for use within the Eclipse platform.


Java library for reading and writing of flat files. CSV, FLR (fixed length record) or mixed structures. Tree-style processing API. Adapters for SAX, Stax and XStream for transformation, data binding or serialization.

Atabaque DTDtoBean

Atabaque DTDtoBean generates JavaBeans from a specified DTD file. You can choose generate standard Java Beans or using Annotations for XStream or Simple, APIs for XML Serialization. Itacute;s available as a command line, Swing application or NetBeans plugin.

Xstream-dot-net - XStream.Net

Xml serialisation for .Net applications IntroductionXStream.Net is the .Net version of Joe Walnes' XStream for Java. It is a simple library for serialisation/deserialisation to & from xml. The original code for this project was taken from Arne Vandamme's weblog which was a port of XStream for Java. Usagestring serialisedObject = new XStream().ToXml(originalObject);object deserialisedObject = new XStream().FromXml(serialisedObject);Assert.AreEqual(originalObject, deserialisedObject);

Extreme - XStream.Net

This project has been migrated to Assembla

Systech-core - Core de aplicaciones web

Core de aplicaciones web, spring, ibatis, log4j, xstream, xsl, etc.

Battlekingdom - Open source Runescape emulator using Netty and XStream.

This is a open source Runescape emulator using both Netty and XStream libraries for development. The server will be based on the revision 525 for up to date graphics and features. The source will contain everything a Runescape emulator needs.

Amazonws - Web Application that uses the Amazon ECS WebServices

This is a sample application that demonstrates the Amazon ECS WebService using Java with JAXB, XMLBeans and XStream.

Xstream-for-beans - Enables xstream for Beans and managed Pojos (eg. Hibernate or CGlib)

ObjectivesThis project provides implementation of mappers and converters that enhance XStream on following aspects: Serialize objects as they are exposed by getters and setters. XStream features available for fields shall work for properties defined for getter/setter proprerties. Sanitize serialization of managed objects: automatically omit irrelevant fields and class information. Handle "offline" fields and proxy objects. Further informationPlease refer to the wiki pages for more information: T

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