X Simple Input Method

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use xsim u can input chinese with pinyin, wubi and any input method added by you in X window




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Wim - A wrapper input method for X, GTK+2, QT4

A wrapper input method for X, GTK+2, QT4A wrapper IM that should have a nice tray icon so one could keep active one or more among several installed IM, e.g., UIM, SCIM, IBus, fcitx, gcin, imhangul, im-canna, im-ja, nabi, ucimf, xcin, xsim, x-unikey etc.; the active IM would be shown, the forgotten one(s) would be hidden. The IM will be used as a XIM, GTK+2 or QT4 input method; just: export XMODIFIERS=@im=WIM export GTK_IM_MODULE="wim" export QT_IM_MODULE="wim" The subprocess(es) will be wisely c

iWrap - iRacing API Proxy

The iRacing racing simulator provides only one connection to its API. This proxy is proposed as the standard for allowing multiple hardware and software vendors to connect to the iRacing API. This distribution does not contain the X-Sim plugin.

xtrace - GUI viewer for trace output of the XMOS simulator xsim.

GUI viewer for trace output of the XMOS simulator xsim.


y = [ 0, 3, 10] X_sim = csr_matrix( [ [ 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 0]]) lsh = LSH( 4, X.shape[1], num_hashtables=1, storage_config={"dict":None}) for ix in xrange(X.shape[0]): x = X.getrow(ix) c = y[ix] lsh.index( x, extra_data=c)

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